Daily Prompt – Green-Eyed Lady


Prompt: We all get jealous from time to time — what wakes the green-eyed monster for you?

When I read this prompt I thought about it really hard, and actually while several things came to mind I determined that ‘jealousy’ is different from ‘admiration’ or ‘respect’ for some of the things that potentially could be considered as a reason to cause the ‘green-eyed monster’ to appear.

For example, I read other blogs that have a theme of  ‘creativity’. I am enthralled and amazed at some of  the abilities they have. There are those who cook and bake food of every kind and do it with seemingly no fuss or fanfare. When I read though what is involved I know that my talents are not there.  Two of these bloggers are here and here.

There are those blogs that have such a decorating expertise, and can make a room go alive with color and fashion. There are again those who have crafting skills, and each week do scrap- booking layout pages and cards that are just so interesting and beautiful… such as Ellie here

The photography and poetry accomplishments are so amazing also, such as the ones done by Imelda here:

There are also bloggers who have such an ability in their writing, either fiction or non-fiction. Russ is an amazing writer and has published several books most notably his children’s books. They are amazing and the theme found within them is ‘kindness’. There’s a tab on his site to view them. He writes poetry and songs as well. His site is here

Then there are the artistic blogs that do such beautiful paintings, some of whom do it mostly as a hobby.  ‘Zoe’ writes about ‘abuse’  but she also writes beautiful poetry and is published  and paints and currently has one for sale… She is found here  

I could have listed many sites that have many skills and gifts mentioned above, and so enjoy reading and viewing the various ones. I know that often when links are given you may not initially intend to go and look, but if you’re interested in anything mentioned it would be a good idea to do so.

I’ve decided that I am not jealous of these people but ‘in awe’ of them. I have recognized that not all are given the same abilities or gifts, and mine are not of that nature so I can admire them freely.

For me right now I do have a tendency to long to have a body and mind that is whole and well, and so if there is a hint of jealousy it might be for those who have this…. those who while they might be older and have limitations of a kind… nevertheless can enjoy good health.

God has determined that I am what I am;  that throughout my life the challenges either physically or mentally are allowed for a purpose that while I may not understand, I do accept. I do so though not always with grace or without complaining or sometimes asking ‘why’ but I think He understands. I realize that my disabilities are far less than others who have a much more difficult ‘path’…. and many of them do so with more grace and acceptance than I.

So I am what I am, and who I am supposed to be, and looking and comparing myself in any way… body or mind or abilities serves no good purpose and I will try to always be content within myself and my prayer is towards that end.

28 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Green-Eyed Lady

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  3. I do get Jealous a bit to much. Since I chew on things as I do I figure it is because Of my insecurities and all I can say is its a work in progress. Most of my jealousy comes from people who are successful in careers and basically one person in particular gets to me. I have prayed many blessings on this person life to hopefully get them out of my heart in such a way and also speak out about the problem when I can. For some reason nothing has worked but I continue to try. I have thought about blogging on them of course anonymously to see if it helps, I always love how you bring up real life stuff your very truthful and I dig it!!!


    • That’s all you can do is pray about it .. When I was working I had difficulties sometimes with a fellow worker… Just try to be happy with who you are… and be true to yourself… You can always blog about something.. I might just suggest to be careful about being too specific … Thanks always for your lovely comments… Diane


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  6. Thankyou for your lovely, very Kind words and link Dianne.
    Once again I love what you have to say, you are full of wisdom and really make me stop and think and I thankyou for that. You have really affirmed my ‘one little word’ for this year which is thankful. I no longer want for what others have- and I am happy with what I have 🙂
    Still praying for you and sending you love,
    Ellie xo


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    • Oh but yours’ are not like a green-eyed monster (I wonder where that phrase came into being) yours’ are green like parts of the Pacific ocean you live near… (I’ve not seen the Pacific so I hope parts are green) anyway you get the gist… Diane


      • Actually I’ve never seen the Pacific green. I have seen every other color though. And my eyes are the deep green of the forest. I like having green eyes. Makes me feel like I’m just a little bit different from everyone else. (But then we all are just a little bit different…lol)


  9. I like that – being in awe of someone instead of jealous of their accomplishments.

    Thanks for introducing me to Catherine yesterday – she is a very positive and encouraging person. Good luck with your upcoming appointment.


  10. Oh, Diane, thanks for the mention and the kind words. 🙂 But this I can say – you have the wisdom and grace that many of us are in awe of. 🙂 And I am sure, many of us can say that we are certainly happy and blessed to have met you. 🙂

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  11. You write so beautifully, I know that ‘jealousy’ feeling for wanting to be healthy and fit, I don’t know if it is jealousy or an intense yearning and sense of loss for me, it’s something, something that I don’t like and wish would go away. BTW I think your first two links that say here and here dont seem to go to pages? hugs x


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  13. I’d have to second the post above. At times, we may experience a touch of jealousy. It’s human nature, however one should never dwell or become consumed. It really should be diverted to admiration. Thanks for touching on this


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