Daily Prompt – Born to be With You

Prompt: Got a soul-mate and/or a best friend? What is it about that person that you love best? Describe them in great detail — leave no important quality out.

I don’t normally post twice in one day…likely won’t for the next couple of days… but this is one prompt I’d like to and need to write about. Where do I start though?

From the very beginning .. (I’ll refer to him as W) he made my life better. I was 15 when I met him and he 19. I was very shy and introverted but W had a smile and a twinkle in his eye that just drew me into conversation. I used to feel very awkward in crowds never wanting to draw attention to myself. He was so outgoing and people just gravitated to him …especially other girls; so I determined that maybe I needed to crawl out of my introverted shell somewhat if I wanted to have a relationship with him.

My self-esteem increased as W always seemed to know what to say to bring a smile to my face. Almost right away I met his family, Mom and Dad and two brothers and felt really comfortable with them. In particular since I never had a father in my life, and his father being so sweet, I adopted him into my heart .

During the years I had depression on and off, he was the rock who held everything together, and while he didn’t at first understand a lot about depression, he ‘tried’ to, and eventually learned. Add to that, I had/have Multiple Sclerosis which causes me to lean on him also.

When I was debating at one point whether or not to apply for a Manager’s position where I was employed, he encouraged and motivated me to do so, and for which I was accepted.

Something that made him especially endearing to me was how he always treated my mother with love and respect, and when in her later years she needed to live with us for a time he welcomed her into our home.

W always supported and helped me whether it was with the housework, changing our baby’s diaper or doing it all on two occasions, so that I could take a holiday away with a friend once and my sister another time.

Fast-forward to today, 50 years later. Lately when I’ve been feeling unwell and other things going on he makes a constant effort to do whatever he can to make me feel better, to do as much as he can around the house and to help me believe that things will get sorted out and I will feel well once again. Did I mention he likes…’actually likes’ to do the grocery shopping?


50th Anniversary in Aruba

50th Anniversary in Aruba

I think the sweetest thing W does for me is to tell me he still thinks I am beautiful, when I’m not feeling beautiful at all.

My response to him with a smile is that I think he better get his glasses checked….. But inside I feel somehow a little better about myself than I did before!

Oh, and one more thing;  he compliments me on my writing, especially when I write about him! Did I mention he has a terrific sense of humour?

33 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Born to be With You

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      • Hi Diane, Yes, I am in the Cayman Islands,although going to the UK for Easter. I have been very busy with a new job in a publishing company, and rehearals for a show. Have fallen behind with the book reviews I said I would do, but am still working on them slowly. How have you been?


        • It’s a long process.. getting referred to specialists…then waiting for tests…then waiting for test results.. I’m currently waiting for the tests… still not sleeping ‘again’ in bed…. but it just is what it is…
          What show rehearsals? I so wish i was in the nice warm and sunny Cayman’s Oh well spring should be here soon… Diane


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  4. I love to hear you talk about your marriage Diane and i am so glad you are Happy. You are a very very nice looking couple.


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  7. How nice it is that you are obviously as smitten by him (and more so) as the day you met. What a precious gift that the two of you have – 50 years and counting. I pray that your love goes deeper with each day. 🙂


  8. You sound like a lucky couple to have had each other for so long and still be important in the lives of each other. Congratulations to both of you for the work you’ve put in over all these years. I wish you both many more years of love.


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