Trifecta Week 105

Prompt:  There’s no topic, no word, just a free write. Go anywhere your mind wants to travel. Take us there too.  Just make it count, leave your blood all over this page.  Thirty-three words exactly.  Of course.  We couldn’t end it any other way.

trifecta -logo

trifecta -logo


This is my submission. It just seems apropos for this being the final week for Trifecta, but also significant in my own life. I have only occasionally participated quite honestly because I read the magnificent writings of the regulars on here, and my own preference and perhaps strength lies more with non-fiction. I did enjoy ‘trying’ however. The group that judged week after week were so dedicated and very nice to critique everyone’s submissions equally. I appreciated the kindness of those who read my posts. In any case, this is my entry.


We know time does not stand still. Why then do we try to hold on to it, even though we know it is in vain?  Perhaps because we cannot guarantee the future, ever!

33 thoughts on “Trifecta Week 105

  1. Yes that is so true, Diane. We can’t stop time! But we can make memories! Wasn’t writing for the Trifecta Challenges fun? I wish we could keep it always the same — but then again I guess change is good.


  2. Nicely put Diane and so very true. If we live our lives to the best we can and not dwell on the past and not try to direct the future then we have mastered, in my opinion, life with all its alter paths, bumps in the road and detours…


  3. This is lovely Diane:-)Yes,it is true what you say-we human beings have this tendency-letting go is an art that most of us have not mastered yet 😀 So glad to have met you on Trifecta-you are the first friend I made here and I will never forget your generous comments and the love you showed by nominating my blog for its first ever award.Thank you for all that and I do hope we will remain in touch-love and all the best xx


  4. Very Buddhist of you to realize that we cannot hold onto time. It passes, and even our photos cannot hold it in place. Learning that and learning to let go is the key to happiness.

    Glad to have been a part of your journey.


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