DP Challenge: Mr. Sandman

Prompt: What kind of sleeper are you? Do you drop off like a stone and awaken refreshed, or do you need pitch-black and silence to drift off and dream?

I just couldn’t let this topic go by without a few thoughts. To start with I ask you ‘who needs sleep’? After all think of all the time we waste lying in a bed, comfortable and curled up dreaming of warm fuzzy things? We could be cleaning out that bedroom closet that we haven’t had time to do; or the garage that is so disorganized. What about that book that isn’t published and needs another chapter written? Perhaps there’s the laundry that you didn’t have time to do or that wonderful new recipe that you wanted to try?

There is a myriad of opportunities that await you in the time spent accomplishing absolutely nothing except maybe some quiet times with the children occupied for a few hours. Well, that is a plus I guess…. but you… ahh you have so many things you can get done while they sleep.

Okay, I’ve had my fun. I honestly tried to remember how I slept ‘normally’. I really tried but I do have a poor memory after all; not helped by sleep deprivation.

Most of you who have followed me in the past year know that sleep … ‘good sleep’ is kind of elusive for me. I sleep in my wonderful recliner… ‘not too far reclined’, and it has become my best friend.

But I do have hope; I just know that some time very soon , sometime in the near future sometime I will again sleep in a bed, lying down snoring with my CPAP and wake up refreshed and ready to tackle anything that comes my way! ZZZZzzzzzzz!!!

“I had some fun with this one”!!!!

26 thoughts on “DP Challenge: Mr. Sandman

    • Ha… I wish I could…when you absolutely need to sleep in a chair for example it is possible but I do not sleep well … Once you have little ones it’s hard to get enough sleep…
      By the way were you able to disable the two step notification like I suggested you could do? You don’t want to upload it to your mobile phone I don’t think as it involves codes etc. that you need to use to get into wordpress etc. Diane



        • That’s part of the problem but Can you tell me exactly what they say… or copy it and then paste it into an email to me. We should really get this sorted out….When you originally clicked on to do the two step they may have given you a code then. In any case if you can give me the exact wording of what they said it will help thanks… Diane


        • It’s okay I know what they’re asking for and if you didn’t copy it down at the time you won’t have it. Do you by any chance have the email that wordpress sent you when you joined .. as it has a code on it that will help as well… (a different place though) or have you purchased any upgrade to your blog…that you have a receipt for?


          • No I do not. Would that number be on a receipt if I purchased something. What kinds of things would you purchase for your blog?


            • Like if you purchased an ‘upgrade’ for more choice of fonts or color etc. or did you just leave everything as it was when you joined…. There may be a way to recover an email sent to you from wordpress… what server do you use.. (I use Thunderbird for email) I’m only doing this because you need to have something to prove you are the owner of your blog and wordpress will only accept certain ways to prove it…

              Either an APK1 key which WP likely sent you when you joined….

              a Transaction ID if you upgraded…it would be on the receipt.
              Activation URL or key…sent at the time you signed up

              If somehow you accidentally downloaded the two step on your phone there could be complications… so don’t do it .. Right now everything is okay and you have access to your blog etc…. just not from your mobile phone…. until things are hopefully cleared up and two step disabled…

              So let me know what server you use for email… Diane


  1. The simple pleasure of life, sleep. Glad you have one comfy recliner 🙂 I can pretty much asleep almost anywhere! When I’m done, I’m done. We truly would love a good night’s rest…without awakening! 🙂


  2. I’ve often thought the same things that you have brought up. What all I could accomplish if I didn’t try to sleep (usually it consists of tossing and turning to find a comfortable position). And, for very different reasons, we are BOTH sleep deprived! Hugs to you! Deb


  3. Ha, I agree with you. There are just too many fun things to do that sleep is the last think in my mind (until sleeplessness catch up with me). That’s been my attitude for so many years. I go to bed really late especially when I was still single. But it took a toll in my health and work. It was hard to concentrate when I was feeling sleepy all the time and my body just got a little wonky.

    I hope that your wish for a good night’s rest in bed come true soon.


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