Too Much Violence

Because in my denomination of the Church, and the fact that we practice the season of Lent I’ve been reflecting certain areas of my life. Personally, even though some believe in giving something up during Lent I choose not to, as I found I spent so much of my thoughts around what I was giving up or missing out on, that it was a distraction over the spiritual side .

The other night however I really felt prompted that there was one area in my life, that I needed to make a change, not just for Lent but for good, and that is that there was a couple of programs on the television I needed to stop watching.

I do enjoy a good mystery like Sherlock Holmes (the old one I’m speaking of) and I used to enjoy Hercules Poirot and a few others, even modern-day ones. However, I used to watch a couple of current ones, and I believe when I started watching them they were not so intense, but the general theme now, is too much violence for the most part.

As I watched one recently, I wondered truly why I did because some of the show I wouldn’t watch or I’d switch the channel temporarily. I questioned myself then the reason I watched at all. Considering there is too much violence in our world today that is a reality, I could not justify these programs being part of my life. In fact I was ashamed that I ever watched them.  I often used to say that by producing these programs, perhaps they were putting thoughts into others’ minds, that were not healthy. At some point I guess I thought that since they weren’t real, it was okay, but that logic to me was false. And the truth of the matter is, I didn’t feel good when I did.

Each person should determine for themselves what it right for them, and no one should impose their beliefs on anyone else.

So, I will continue to watch shows with mysteries, but not ones with the violence shown that seems rampant right now.

I am actually embarrassed  to admit that I had watched these shows, but I felt the need to express my opinion. Maybe it will resonate with someone else but in any case……….

….this is a decision I made for me and since I am a Christian, also for God …. somehow I think he approves my decision.

9 thoughts on “Too Much Violence

  1. I find myself less interested in shows like you are talking about. It seems as time goes on, some focus more on the gore and violence rather than mystery and plot twists.


      • Ups and downs, you know how it goes. I have been busy….basically starting work with two different companies at the same time. It’s the computer stuff that gets me the most. Should be great once I learn their systems. Hope you are well, or getting there anyway! 8)


  2. actually I find myself turning the tv off more often, and don’t be too embarrassed I used to watch soap operas!! 🙂 Thankfully the more we study God’s amazing Word we grow and mature and most definitely change!


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