Slow Going!

I’ve been a bit ‘absent’ lately. I am finding it really tiring when I try and read too much at a time. I try to post once every few days, but even that it’s hard to concentrate enough to do much.

I was fortunate to get in early to have the one procedure done last week, even though I wasn’t supposed to until April 23rd. The reason I did, was a letter I decided to do to the GI doctor, asking him a few questions.

So I went last Tuesday to have it done... a simple one; however half way through it I woke up and was for two to three minutes in a very uncomfortable state of being until they managed to give me some more sedation. When I woke up in recovery I was upset and having a bit of difficulty. That’s the bad news. The good news was that the doctor was present and determined that I should have another couple of tests. Previous to this he seemed to be taking how I was feeling somewhat off-offhandedly

I explained again how tired I was in that I am sleeping again in my lazy boy as I can’t lie down. I think he finally ‘gets it’. So I don’t know how long I’ll wait for the tests,,, one shouldn’t be too long (I don’t think)… but the other one could be several months he said. However, I am praying that while that is the usual, perhaps it won’t this time. I’d just like to get things settled and see where we go from there. Again, it’s nothing serious, compared to what many go through; it’s just frustrating and causing the fatigue. This past year it seems to be my middle name….

So, I may ‘again’ (seems to be a commonality the past few months) be slow or not reading as many posts, as I normally do.

I long for the time when I just feel energized and somewhat ‘normal’ whatever that is.

You don’t likely need me to say all this. I just do because there are so many of you that are dear friends and each day I feel ….  well I think you know how I feel.

26 thoughts on “Slow Going!

      • You’re doing as good job being that “nuisance” to the doctors. Being your own advocate is paramont so that you and your beloved can make good, educated decisions for you! 🙂 Praying answers will be provided for you Diane! 🙂 Keep up the great work and enjoy your day!


  1. Diane, you have been praying so hard for me and my troubles with my husband’s health and either I have been so involved in his illness and treatment that I missed prior posts from you that you are having problems. I do recall you mentioned you were having to sleep in the recliner again. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I once woke up in a procedure called an ERCP when the scoped my stomach and into the spleen. It was horrific! I thought I was being tortured and I was unable to move to let them know that I was awake. My prayers are with you that you find answers, get in sooner for your tests and fatigue becomes just another word from the past. Hugs—Deb


    • Thanks Deb… It was an endoscopy that he was doing… esophageal dilation and biopsies… I thought I was literally gagging my insides out… so you know what it felt like… Hope your husband is a bit better… Diane


      • He came home this afternoon. I don’t think he was ready to come home, but he was begging the Dr. and telling him he could do the same thing at home that they are doing in the hospital. I don’t know. We’ll have to just wait and see.
        And, I have had the dilation and biopsies done, too. Not fun.—Deb


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