DP Challenge – Brilliant Disguise

Prompt: Tell us about a time when someone had you completely fooled, where the wool was pulled right over your eyes and you got hoodwinked, but good. Was it a humorous experience or one you’d rather forget? What was the outcome?

There have been many times in my life when people have fooled me and yet I choose not to write about the negative ones. Instead I’ll tell about a pleasant one that happened in my life.

In 1962 my husband … then boyfriend was admitted to the Tuberculosis Hospital, because he tested positive on a routine test done at his place of employment. He went in July of that year and was there for several months during which he was on heavy doses of medication. He was released in November as no traces were then found of the disease.

During that time I visited him every day (true love) ha! I lived about 2 hours away and worked mid-way between, so I would go to work at 7 am each day, work 8 hours and then go and see him an hour further away. The transportation two buses and a streetcar or some would know it as a trolley car. After getting of the streetcar, I would have to walk about 15 minutes in to the hospital grounds. Then about 8 pm or so, I’d leave to start the 2 hour trek back home. Now, I’m not saying all that to say what a great person I was, just to let you know the routine.

One night I went to see him and my mother went with me for the company. We were only in the room a couple of minutes, and ‘W’ whisked me away from my mom and took me down a long quiet hallway, which incidentally was dark. I told him he was being very rude, taking me away and leaving my mom wondering why he was being so abrupt.

After a couple of minutes, I found the reason for him doing so. He sat me down and from his housecoat pulled a small box out of it. He got on his knee, and opened the box and showed me a beautiful ring which he then put on my finger, and asked me to marry him.

Diane & Wally 's ringsHe had asked a jeweler to come to the hospital and to bring a selection of rings with him because he wanted to propose to me. He chose the one he wanted and then waited for me to visit. This caught me totally by surprise as I never expected to be engaged in a hospital.

I often joke a bit about this saying he felt like  rewarding me for coming to see him each and every day. In any case that was the beginning of planning for the rest of our lives together, and as most of you know we celebrated our 50th Anniversary this past July.

Special Note. some of you know per my blog about duplicate notifications of ‘likes’ that I’ve been getting. Well, I’m now getting about 5 bloggers that have this happening and today I got a triple notification. Two bloggers have indicated that when they press the ‘like’ button it doesn’t seem to register as a like and so they press it again. I’m thinking there is an issue then with the button. Or if you are clicking like from READER or possibly your IPHONE let me know if there is an issue…

WordPress was advised of the issue, but not about what I think now is the problem. If anyone can see this happening when they click on it, could you let me know when it does, and then I’ll advise WordPress. It’s not earth-shattering as I can simply delete them, but if more and more are happening, it’ll fill up my ‘inbox’…  Anyway, thanks …  Diane

20 thoughts on “DP Challenge – Brilliant Disguise

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  4. I really enjoyed reading how you and your hubs was engaged it was very sly!I love that you joke around about this being your reward for coming to see him!


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