A Near Miss !

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX D530As some or perhaps most know, this has been a very cold and blustery winter in Canada and many areas of the USA as well.

We like to think that by this time in March, the worst of it would be over, but it seems not. Today in Ontario, winter had yet one last (I hope) blast to give and perhaps one of the worst even this year. It began early this morning and has continued into the evening with what appears to be a foot of snow or possibly more in some places.

Our son had planned on going to his cottage, and our other son was going with him, in order to do some renovations. Because of the predicted bad weather, my husband and I hoped he had changed his mind.  However about noon we made a phone call and found out that they were on their way. When we learned this I said a prayer and asked God to protect them on their journey. They were in separate vehicles as they were transporting material to do the work on the cottage; our one son was in his truck and the other was in a rental truck.

We got a text from our daughter-in-law about two hours later saying that our one son had been in an accident. It was on a major highway and there was a multiple car pileup. Apparently there was an accident in front of him, and he swerved to avoid it and just barely clipped the car directly in front of him. He stopped and got out to check on things and a moment or so later, the car behind him plowed into the back and then side  of his truck, doing extensive damage. However, since our son was not in it at the time he avoided any injury. Our other son realizing what had happened, stopped of course and went over to the scene.

As it turned out, after talking with the police, they continued on to the cottage as they were three-quarters of the way there. He was able to drive the truck as the damage was mostly in the back-end. Our son who was not in the accident, phoned after getting there and said while his brother was not hurt physically he was shaken up and quite upset. Most probably part of it being that he decided to go, with the weather the way it was.

There’s no way I’m going to lecture him, because he feels bad enough as it is. But we have thanked God for his protection over them as I know it is an answer to prayer. I know that God answers prayer in His way and timing, and it is not always the way we think it should be.

But I know that in this case we were with one accord, and I thank Him. If our son hadn’t stepped out of the car the moment or so before being hit, he most certainly would have been hurt. 


17 thoughts on “A Near Miss !

  1. I am so glad that your son was safe. The truck could be repaired. And for everyone’s sanity, I do hope that spring comes soon. The bleak landscape and the cold can get pretty depressing.


  2. We never stop worrying as mothers and this is one of the reasons why. We surely can’t control everything they do and what happens to them. My son drove home from Fernie (long drive) and said it was the worst weather he’d ever driven in and he told me how scared he was. So when he arrived, we were relieved but said that now he knows how to drive when he’s caught in weather like that.. and so does your son. Thank heavens they’re both ok!! xx


  3. thank goodness he was not hurt–my husband also drove in the horrible weather and I was a bit peeved with him–nothing is that important–I was in an accident at the end of November and like your son was not hurt (much–I am suffering from dizzy spells etc now) but very shaken up–I am glad your prayers worked


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