I Saw This Outside My Window

Actually I was sent this in an email from a friend, that kind of shows you how long and cold our winters have been in Canada this year, but I know in the US many states have also experienced a very cold spell with snow also…. It gave me a smile on a day when we are expecting yet another blast of winter.

I'm sure spring is just around the corner!

I’m sure spring is just around the corner!

18 thoughts on “I Saw This Outside My Window

    • Yayy.. glad the weather is okay….our two sons left today to go and do some renos on the cottage that one has and unfortunately was in a multi car accident on 401 … They were in separate vehicles… and one’s truck was hit from behind.. fortunately he was not in the truck when it hit because he had to stop and was out of the truck… He is okay but shook up…. It has been really one of the worst storms of winter… Diane


  1. I love this! Also it seems like this is a going line these days. We got another blast last night! Personally I thought we were over those days… Goes to show “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” I am ready for some nice weather as well but not the upcoming tornado season. Its like living on the edge when you live in a trailer!


                • Hi..I don’t know if you saw my post where I’m sometimes getting two notifications from some bloggers on the same post re ‘like’ .. I just got double from you on the post ‘A Near Miss’.. one at 11:30 and one at 11:37 To help me see if I can tell why this is happening …can you tell me whether you remember definitely that you only pressed ‘like’ once or did something happen where the ‘like’ didn’t show and so you clicked it again… This would really help if by some chance you remember… but if not it’s okay… Diane


                  • I did see that post Dian and come to think of it I pushed liked a few times because sometimes when I push the like button it don’t stick?? Sorry


                  • Also Diane I tried to download word press app on my phone and I pad and when I go to login to these app that I downloaded it say my settings have two step authentication enabled…. Would you know how I enable this so the apps can be downloaded? What is your take on these apps as well as far as dowloading them go?


                    • While I’m not totally familiar with two step… I think it’s a problem if you use it on your phone. I remember another blogger friend and she had some kind of security issue blocking her from getting her messages etc. Did you download the two step on your blog? and if so can you take it off?
                      I downloaded the regular app on my phone but not the two step… so be cautious until you see if you can get rid of it… let me know what you find. I may see if I can find something out but ‘caution’ re the two step! Diane


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