Duplicates Anyone?

Just a quick question!

Do any of you received duplicate notifications by email, of likes or comments made by any who follow you. ? They are not necessarily from everyone, but perhaps just one or two.

I have received duplicates from one blogger for some time, and recently now from another.

It is not that they click twice. I have checked with the individual(s) and tested myself. If I was to click it more than once, I would actually have to click ‘Like’ then click ‘Unlike’ and then ‘Like’ again.

WordPress Support says that no one else has ever reported this as a problem and so are hesitant to check into why this is happening. It’s not that I can’t live with it, but if it is happening more now, I’d like to know why.

I’m just wondering if this is so’ that no one else has this issue, and I am again left with a glitch that only I have. ‘Lucky me’!

28 thoughts on “Duplicates Anyone?

  1. Oh.. thank you… could you tell me the url of the blogger .. I’m just in the process of letting the fellow from WordPress know about the latest two of mine… I’m hoping somehow he can connect the dots…. Diane


  2. The only thing I have had happen is I get two same blog notifications from two different blogs. I figure it is a hiccup and just delete the extra ones – although it can be frustrating. Don’t you want to scream sometime at these computer / internet problems!


  3. I have not necessarily noticed it in comments to me but I have noticed it on other people’s blogs.
    When I am not sure if a comment posted and try to post it again, I get a notification that says it looks like you have already posted this comment. Not sure that helps?


    • Yes I get that message too… that’s why I think it’s a glitch but wondered if I was the only one having it happen..it happens on ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ but not from everyone…but now I have two that are all the time happening.. thanks Diane


    • Yes you said it has Lynette… yours’ is one I always get two from…but I’ve been trying to get WP to see why but they don’t think it’s a big problem so aren’t really doing too much right now… I have two regular bloggers I get duplicates now … Who do you get two from… Have you maybe kept any record…?? I just thought I’d throw it out to see if there are many who have this happening… Not a big deal unless it starts happening more and more…. Diane


  4. I’ve had it sporadically happen some time ago, but I think it may have been because I inadvertently I clicked on both their “Follow Button” on top of their home page AND clicked on the “Follow” icon in the left column of their site, so that I’m accidentally essentially following their site twice, hence the double messages.


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