How Long Ago Was It?

Every so often I revisit in my mind, what it was like to be young and carefree as a child. I would suppose that I’m not unique in doing so, especially with perhaps the older generation of folk. As I have aged, as we all must do we face challenges of many kinds. If we’re fortunate we meet them at each stage of our life and we don’t do it alone.  I know there are those who perhaps do have to do it without much help and are stronger for it. My mother was one, who while she did have a loving mother until her death in her 40’s, once married at the tender age of 15 she had more mountains to climb than most had.

Certainly I have been more fortunate in my life. I guess it’s just one of those moments when I am feeling my age, and remembering when it was different… and that seems like a long time ago.

Rylee fishing April 2012How long ago was it

When I ran and played

With abandon

And no cares to make me sad

Summers spent playing hide ‘n seek

And the best I ever had

With winters always came

Tobogganing and sleds

And the little skates

That Santa gave

Brought laughter and much joy

And memories to save

It seem that it’s a lifetime

Although I know it’s not

I guess that aging brings with it

The longing of those days

When worries were naught

That’s what life then portrays….

12 thoughts on “How Long Ago Was It?

  1. Mine is the other way around. My childhood, adolescence years and when I was in twenties were just a nightmare to me. It is now and a few years back where I had good memories. But those hardships formed me as the woman God wanted me to be, so I am not bitter, but thankful.


    • Me too… That kind of peace …. I think that’s what we’re supposed to have… like a child.. I realize we have responsibilities but I’m talking about the inner self… Thanks for you insight Barbara Diane


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