The ‘Ringing’ You Can’t Answer

Something I’ve never mentioned before, but thought I’d do a post on is that I have ‘Tinnitus’. It’s something that is not by any means a serious condition. It is however a very stressful medical problem, that when it persists for a lengthy period, does contribute negatively to one’s feelings of well-being.

While I’ve had it periodically for many years, it has never persisted like it has recently. It’s been a continual presence for several months. I would suppose it’s because of the physical and emotional stress that has been taking place. It does exacerbate the condition.

Years ago I used to have the type whereby you hear your own heartbeat in your ear(s). This episode is different in that it is a ringing… an echo ringing constantly in my left ear. I believe that most times it is in one ear and not both, though I’m not an expert.

I think that it is very common and a lot of people have it, but not always as annoying and persistent as I have now. Because I did see an ENT for my nose, I decided to ask him about the Tinnitus, and he did an MRI just to rule out the possibility of a benign tumor which is very rare but because of the auditory test he did and found out that certain pitches I didn’t hear, he thought he would do it. The test was negative.

Because I literally was beside myself in the past months I did some online research and found a company in the U.K. started by a man who suffered from this condition who set out to see if he could do something. It had been a common knowledge that ‘background sound’ could help, such as listening to music or ‘white sound’. So he started with that premise and developed some CD’s with different sounds or pitches. Since every person is not the same there are many different sounds. There is a little more to it.

In any case I decided to buy them. It’s cost is $29.99 I believe. I should mention that when I did so, because they didn’t send them to me as promptly as I thought they were going to, I started to second-guess my decision and asked for a refund. I not only received the refund but an apology from the owner of this company, and he sent me the CD’s as well for free. That really impressed me.

These are downloaded  (in my case to my computer) and then I plug in ear phones and listen to various ones, that I choose. You don’t need to use earphones, but it is better to do so.  It does give me temporary respite, and the concept is that the sounds are played for ‘x’ amount of seconds and then ‘x’ amount of silence hoping to expand the time that the Tinnitus is present.

Anyway, for anyone who reads this and may have this condition I’m giving a link to where you can learn about this company called ‘Hush Tinnitus, and hope it helps someone else. The first link you can try it for free. The second link is the premise of the treatment.

23 thoughts on “The ‘Ringing’ You Can’t Answer

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  3. I have had this since I was a teen. Of course it’s much worse now and I have noise in my ears all the time. Generally it’s just a constant whooshing or hissing sound that I only hear when it’s quiet, but there are a multitude of sounds. I know it seems to interfere with my hearing certain pitches, and oddly enough, it seems to make me hypersensitive to loud sounds. I have a lot of trouble with discerning what sounds to hear in a large room full of talking people, and music or television sounds. I find myself able to live with it to this point. I will be interested in seeing if you get relief from this annoyance. I hope so.


    • Well at this point there is no magic cure but I find there is some relief when I use the ‘hush tinnitus’ sounds. It seems to be different sounds at different times that help…. Even for some relief where before there was nothing… and when the stress level dies down it will likely help as well….Diane


      • I hope you get relief with this “hush” system. I know there are certain noises in my ears that are most distracting, and if you have stuff like that all the time it could be a really big deal. You just don’t need any more problems. I send you thoughts of quiet peace.


  4. Thanks for the info! I have had it for years in both ears….very rarely at an annoying level unless I am trying to listen for quiet noises (something slithering in the garage). 🙂
    I’ll check it out and be looking for an update on how you do with it. 8)


      • I tried the sample earlier. It seemed to block my high pitch but not my low pitch. Maybe I need two separate ones :). Or headphones? I will try it again when I have some more time.


        • I found that I wanted to take the test twice… but what I do now is try different ones because when they send the CD’s there are actually 67 different combinations of sounds plus time.. and instructions are given how to find the ones that help the most .. it takes some time to do.. the experimenting… also the volume is important… I think you’d find a combo that worked… but don’t mean to push it at you… Diane


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