We’ll Be With You Soon !

I was just sitting here and thought I should tell you about the first part of my visit to one of the specialists I talked about in my previous post.About Time Clock Shows Late And Tardiness Stock Image

My appointment was for 1 pm. and my husband  ‘W’ had the same time with another doctor in the same office. We arrived at 12:45 and there was already one lady waiting. I remember saying to ‘W’ that since we were the first appointment after lunch the doctor and secretaries likely wouldn’t be back until 1:10 or so. So we sat there and 1:15 came and then 1:20 and by this time another lady came into the office. I decided to ask them what time their appointments were and which doctor. Well by golly they were both 1 pm as well and for my doctor too. ‘W’s doctor wasn’t in yet either. So we all wait and about 1:30 one of the secretaries sticks her head in the door briefly, and with a smile says “we’ll be with you shortly, it’s Dr. L’s birthday and we’re having a special birthday party.”

Well, if you’ve been following me and know me, I think you likely know that I really do bend over backwards to be patient and polite and kind towards others. But you know what lack of sleep does, and the fact that I once worked in a doctor’s office and the fact that common courtesy and respect for the patient’s time was not at all taken into consideration… DOES to a said person? Automatically, out of my mouth came “well, we’re not having a party out here. We’ve discovered we all have 1 pm appointments with the same doctor.”! My husband couldn’t believe it!

Well, she didn’t flinch and just said, ” we’ll be with you shortly, I’ve checked you all in.” Shortly ended up being 1:45 ! I had so wanted to just leave, but unfortunately with the situation and doctors right now, I would have waited to see another specialist for 6 months likely.

So when this doctor is saying all the things mentioned previously about my symptoms being all ‘non-specific’, and shrugging everything I said off, you can imagine the shape I was in. I have to see him again because he has to do a simple procedure for me at the hospital. Again, what is a person supposed to do….?

Anyway, I came out of the office ready to go home ‘except’ when I went to get my coat to do so, ‘W’ says “where are you going”… and I say “home aren’t we”… To which he replies….

“I haven’t seen MY doctor yet’ !!!! 

Anyone, relate to this ???

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23 thoughts on “We’ll Be With You Soon !

  1. Diane, That is nuts! The part where they told you they were having a “special birthday party” how odd when it comes to a professional place like a doctors office. Also I want to tell you that for some reason I un followed you but it was definitely not on purpose I often come to your page and good thing I did because I had wondered why I wasn’t getting your blogs and that is the reason so with this said were back in business!


    • Looking back it’s hard to believe the secretary said what she did with a straight face.. actually she smiled as she said it … I still can’t believe it..That’s sweet of you to come and check my site… . Diane


  2. oh no! We experienced something similar. My husband brought my child to our primary care physician for his annual appointment which was set at 8:30. An hour and 15 minutes later, they were still waiting for the doctor to see them. My husband, however, could not wait any longer because he had an appointment coming right up. He and my son left the clinic without having been seen by the doctor. Now, we are looking for other primary care physicians who can at least see their patients on time.


    • Well after I have this other appt. with him I’ll be looking for another Gastroenterologist… for my reflux issues… It is so rude when they can’t keep their appointments at least a little on time. I once worked for an Opthhamologist..many years ago and only for about 6 weeks or so because I learned that while he ‘made’ me book patients from 1 pm on he never was in the office until 2:30 pm… and then he rushed them like crazy… I was looking for another job a couple of weeks after I started … Diane


  3. I can so relate to this. Drive an hour and a half to the dr, wait another hour in the waiting room, 45 minutes for the dr to come into the exam room, talk for no more than 5 minutes and leave, just as clueless as when we started from home! Would know just as much if we had stayed home. It’s just so insulting to the patients to be treated as if they don’t matter to the dr and or his staff. I will step down from my soapbox now. 🙂


    • Noooo keep going …. it helps to know you understand.. this doctor’s ‘bedside manner’ I liken to someone holding him hostage and making him listen to me….. ha! BTW did you find any results today re your husband’s tests… Diane


      • No. Was told dr will review the tests and call if he deems it necessary to get him in to see him than his appt in three weeks. We just keep on keepin’ on!


  4. A party?? The offices I worked at, docs came in, said thanks, took a piece if cake to their desk. (One doc couldn’t eat cake so they put candles in a roasted chicken). They should have at least said he was called by the hospital for emergency consult.
    Good luck with the procedure!!!!!! 8)


    • Thanks Russ … at least now looking back it’s so funny… the doctors are having a birthday party… I wonder what would happen if I was late and said… the same thing.. I don’t think I’d be still getting to see the doc…. Diane


  5. That’s pretty awful that they are overbooking so much. I’ve had some long waits for the neurologist too – it’s maddening. I think you can rate the docs on line if you look them up – try Good Docs or search yours by name.


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