The “Hidden Exploitation”


Today February 27th is “Shine the Light on Slavery Day”. If one wishes to draw attention to this today they can draw a ‘red X’ on their hand, or to somehow bring this ‘Hidden Exploitation” into the light and expose it.

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There are millions abused through slavery of one kind or another often some who are sold into slavery by their families, to work in sweat shops, or prostitution or those who are brought to countries like Canada and the United States and many others and who are abused by those trafficking human beings.

I’m not going to quote statistics, but what I am going to do, is give a link to our Government of Canada site where it states what they are doing in the midst of this horrible situation. I wanted to see just where they stood, and while there is a lot of reading, I scanned the information to see some pertinent facts.

They have allocated 6 million dollars and are partnering with some other agencies such as Crime Stoppers to help bring this horrible travesty to the public’s attention, to provide help for those who need to find a safe haven, and to bring to justice those responsible for kidnapping and forcing those into slavery of one kind or another. On this site there is a breakdown of where the money is exactly earmarked for. Is it enough? Most likely we would say no, but at least they are addressing this problem. As far as the U.S. is concerned, I’m sure they have similar programs in place, but you’d have to check to find out. I’ll be happy when I see some of this in the media.

There is a fellow blogger who knows about human trafficking at a personal level and if you’d like to read some of what it feels like to be one of the victims you can read it here.

So, what can a person do? What I’m going to do is ask my M.P. what is in the process right now …  right now…. of being done. And the next election, you can be sure I’m going to ask them about their knowledge of the situation and what they will do to confront the powers that be in the government to move forward and quickly….

….. because every day we procrastinate is a day more that someone who is ‘enslaved’ had to endure more terror and to feel that no one knows or cares for them.

14 thoughts on “The “Hidden Exploitation”

  1. Thank you for your post. This issue is getting more attention, as it should. I recently saw a muralist who uses her art to draw attention to human trafficking, something she knows about first hand. I can’t help but admire such a person. Their will to live and their cunning in escaping. I don’t understand how anyone could do something like selling another person to be ill used. Just horrifying.

    Did you know that the Superbowl is one of the biggest “events” in human trafficking in the US? I heard about that this year, but did not hear of any large police effort to stop it, other than telling people to be careful. A pathetic attempt.

    And when families feel they have no choice but to sell their children sold into slavery to work in sweat shops to make cheap clothing and products to be sold in WalMarts and Targets all over the world. I’d rather pay higher prices and know my products are being made by people well paid for their time.

    So many people have such sad lives!


    • This is such a horrendous aspect of the human race.. Although these people that do this are ‘sub human’.. And yes I did hear about the Super Bowl thing and it is so unbelievable ….and yet it is real…. Diane


      • That it is unbelievable is why it continues to go on. No one expects to be grabbed off the street to become a sex slave somewhere. That’s the stuff of movies, not life. Unfortunately it is life and life has different hazards than it did during our grandparents time. They worried about accidents and sickness taking their children, not kidnappers.


  2. We have a lot of that going on in our country simply because we have a huge population and too much poverty.Parents themselves are selling off their kids just so that they can eat for a month-it is horrific!We also have the rich who “employ” maids and then exploit them or worse send them to work for their families/relatives abroad where her passport is taken away-neither is she given any money-so she has no option but to stay there.Most of these “servants” come from poor,totally illiterate and many a time rural backgrounds,thus making it difficult for them to choose or complain.Many are sold off in the burgeoning flesh market.Every day innumerable kids are kidnapped,coerced or enticed into such black holes of horror-forced into beggary,prostitution,bonded labour & such-it is a vicious cycle cos many big wigs are involved in this “lucrative” market and there is no solution in sight.


    • I don’t think I know what country you live in… I wanted to know if there was anything being done by way of our government ….that’s why I looked to see… and while everything may look good on paper unless they are actively doing something it means nothing… I hope they are.. and I hope that they do a lot more ‘ads etc on t.v. etc’ to make people more aware… It is a shameful thing that it has been allowed to be as prevalent as it is… Diane


      • Diane,I live in India.Here lots of laws have been passed-but it is an insurmountable task -NGO’s do their bit -govt also does-at times but that is not even touching the tip of the ice-berg-its a huge racket-sad!


    • I realized when I read about it in another blog..all of a sudden the enormity of it… and yet we don’t read or see too much.. It does need to be brought out just the horror of it…. Thanks as always Russ for your comment and thoughts.. Diane


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