WordPress Change ????

In just the past few days .. I think about 3 when I receive a notification of a comment I do not get the word at the bottom ‘Reply’ which automatically usually would take me to the area to respond to that particular reader’s comment.. and would therefore implement a notification to them that I had replied.

Now I just get the option to go to View Comment which would not take me to the specific area … So if I just type a reply in there it would NOT generate a notification to that blogger…. (I may have actually done this recently at first without noticing.. I’ll have to check)

So now I have to remember to find the blogger’s comment and click on word ‘reply’ directly beside their comment…

Hope I haven’t totally confused you, and if it’s not happening to anyone else…. well I have something weird again to ask WordPress Support…

By the way… if anyone has another answer for me I would appreciate it..  Somehow when typing a post I clicked on some button .. I think maybe an F button that changed the left column of my dashboard… reduced to icons… Does anyone know what I might have pressed and how to correct it….

My little gray cells are being tested lately!   Thanks Diane

Here’s what I see…

I saw this picture today of my great-granddaughter and immediately I looked at her eyes and saw such innocence. Then I thought …

Oh look at those beautiful blue innocent eyes! A wonderful post and such a nice poem to go with it! And that blue font just matches her eyes.

14 thoughts on “WordPress Change ????

    • Thanks Catherine…. Something else happened today so I’ve done a desperate message to WordPress… and so hoping they can help clear some of this up … because ..something’s going on… It’s okay … I think there’s a lot of us who aren’t techies… Since I’ve started back in Nov. 11 there has been quite a learning experience..with various issues…. but it seems like there’s always one more… Diane


      • Indeed! Your perseverance is awesome as you tackle each issue it sounds. 🙂 Looking forward to learning from you and hope your issues are resolved quickly! Happy Valentine’s Day!


        • Happy Valentine’s Day to you too… I’m celebrating with having an MRI…. lol Nothing serious just ruling out an issue… btw I did a short post just recently to say WordPress got back to me on the one small issue with my dashboard… … 1 down and about 3 to go… (1 small step for mankind ) Diane


          • lol! You are funny Diane! MRI’s are great tools! I love my baseline MRI’s as a reference to each new one taken. Prayers being sent your way. Another “1 small step for mankind” with your MRI! 🙂


  1. I noticed it the last time I commented on a post of yours – after you replied to my comment, the “reply” thingie disappeared and I couldn’t reply again without starting a new comment. I see that it is missing after the last couple of comments above, too.


    • Oh yes…. I didn’t even notice that… I wonder now what that’s all about…. You don’t have anything like that happening? Does your notification look like what I copied and pasted because I definitely checked and my notifications always used to say ‘Reply’ and now don’t…. I don’t know how to make any sense of all this… One thing I never mentioned in the post is that I’ve been getting 2 notifications of comments and likes from 1 blogger … only!… I now am wondering if they’re working on that issue and have caused others… Thanks for showing me that… I’ll have to see if that continues as well…. Diane


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