Through the Eyes of A Child

Rylee Feb. 12, 2014I saw this picture today of my great-granddaughter and immediately I looked at her eyes and saw such innocence. Then I thought about the children that lose that innocence through abuse of adults who take advantage of them. I wonder what I would do if I found out that someone….anyone, ever did that to my precious great- granddaughter. Yet there are many, even those who I blog with who suffered such abuse from their parent or somebody else. They are trying to and ‘are’ healing through the grace of God but the scars remain, and rear their ugly head from time to time.

We all must be so vigilant in protecting children, whether they be family or neighbors or any child at all, and keep watch over them.  If something does not seem to be as it should be, we need to be that child’s advocate and not be afraid to do so, in case we are wrong. It is much better to be wrong, than to do nothing in case we are right………

Through the eyes of a child

The world is many things

We hope it’s joy it brings

Dolls and trucks to play

And oh so much to say

They have such innocence

No one should ever take

Or cause tears or ever make

That child to ever think

The world a scary place

It is such a disgrace

To take that innocence away

Oh God we need to love

Protect and guide the little child

Never never to defile

We need to be alert

Make sure and be aware

That all around do care

The child must always know

Where they can always go

If help they ever need

To tell someone they must

Someone that they can trust

Let that someone be ‘me’

12 thoughts on “Through the Eyes of A Child

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    • Oh Cindy … I am so sorry… I hope that my post did not conjure up memories…. That would be very hard to do a blog on for you…. I know that right now you are not well still … I so hope you are moving towards recovery…. Take Care… Diane xo


      • no Diane, it was a few years ago that the memories resurfaced. Before I started blogging, but I haven’t been able to blog about it. MY husband knows as I said, but I’ve never shared details.


  2. I must say, that as a victim of abuse, I sometimes cry watching my little siblings play because I know that they are so innocent and don’t yet understand how cruel the world can be. And I know that someday they will figure it out. Taylor swift has a song called “never grow up” and it makes me so sad because I know my little siblings are gonna grow up and experience this mean world we live in. I just pray that none of them nor my son will ever go through what I did. You have a beautiful grandchild who is blessed to have someone as kind as you looking out for her. I thank god everyday that my great grandparents are still here to help me and love me.


    • It makes me so sad and angry that you went through abuse …. Let us hope by bringing it up and making people even more aware…that perhaps it may make a difference and we will all watch out for the little ones around us… Diane


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