Should I go or Should I stay? – Haiku

I’ve seen so many write beautiful ‘Haiku” and while I don’t really understand too much about it, I read a bit, and so decided to try it just for something different. I’ve tried to put some meaning to it as I wrote it. It’s just my attempt at doing so.

If I were a bird

I would spread my wings and fly

You might ask me why


I need to find peace

I’m sure that it’s there somewhere

If only I dare


But what if I stay?

Do I need to leave this place

To find needed grace?


Perhaps it’s right here

I don’t really need to leave

Why be so naive


No I will not go

Instead it’s here I will stay

And I’ll be okay!

16 thoughts on “Should I go or Should I stay? – Haiku

  1. Good for you for trying your hand at something different. Well done. I’m no expert, but I enjoyed these. If you want to learn all about Haiku check out my friend Ron at Randa Lane – Haiku And More! He has a series of lessons that are extremely helpful. Plus he writes beautiful Haiku.


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