The Winter Blahs

IMG_0399I guess when we use the term ‘The Winter Blahs’, it’s more than the winter we’re talking about. Somehow though people accept it more than for example in the Spring or Summer. When we’re feeling somewhat less than exuberant we don’t really get away with saying “Oh it’s just the summer blahs”.  It’s not very usual to ever hear that phrase, but very much expected in these cold, snowy dreary days that seem to be very extreme right now. I am of course speaking from the cold north of Canada, not the places that have year-round warmth and sun.

There are those however that don’t mind the cold and snow; the skiers and snow boarders and snowmobilers. Sometimes I wish that we had learned to enjoy some of these winter sports, but alas the years passed, huddled in the warmth of our home, in front of a fireplace, when we had one.

S.A.D. Lamp

S.A.D. Lamp

I guess the ‘blahs’ have other reasons than the weather to come upon us. Some do have the added reason for feeling somewhat ‘down’; those with S.A.D.  which is of course Seasonal Affective Disorder. Sometimes there is help in getting a special lamp that when used, can help with the associated symptoms.

The ‘blahs’ have another reason for surfacing more it seems during the long dreary days, and that’s if we have situations in our lives with relationships or health that are a concern. They somehow ‘mushroom’ in importance and effect, like our feelings do It’s not so easy to distract yourself when you can’t go outside in the garden or the sunshine and bask in the healing warmth. There’s also not as much company that comes to visit when the weather is not conducive to a barbecue with friends and family. Too much time to be in the house, sometimes just with out thoughts doesn’t help either.

So I guess my blahs will be with me for a while, until the situations resolve or the weather does….or both.

Maybe I’ll see if there’s a good comedy movie on tonight!!

17 thoughts on “The Winter Blahs

  1. I get the summer blahs when the weather is non stop hot hot hot and humid down in my neck of the woods–hope you start feeling less blah soon–get a nice hot drink, sit on a comfy couch and read–that way you are keeping your mind busy


    • Couldn’t find one at the time…. so watched ‘touched by an Angel… that I taped…. I have lots of good comedy DVD’s but unfortunately my husband went to bed early and i can’t figure out which converter to use lol…. oh well tomorrow!…. I have an oldie ‘ Father’s Little Dividend’ With Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor…. Diane


  2. Sorry you’ve got the Blahs. I used to get those about this time of year growing up in Wisconsin. I still got the Winter Blahs even after moving to CA when the weather was rainy and grey. You’re right, it’s hard to beat the Blahs when they combine with other things. I send you thoughts of warm sunny weather and bear hugs. Everything will work out as it will whether you fret about it or not. Best not to fret about it, right? (I know much easier said than done.)


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