Kim as little girlIf you knew the heartache that I bear

Would you care?

If you knew the tears I shed

Would a thought come in your head?

If you knew I lay awake

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX D530Would you maybe give and take?

If you knew that I pretend

Would you ever try to bend?

If you knew really how I feel

Would you know I need to heal?

If you knew I longed to talk

Would your heart be then unlocked?

If you knew that I just wait

Would you open up the gate?

If you knew how deep my love

Would you look to God above

Since you know that I believe
Then I’m sure you will perceive
That it’s easier to cope
Because I know there’s always hope
The day is coming this I know
Just because I love you so!
And our bond will never break
Nor will it ‘ere forsake
It’s a fact you love me too
It’s really something that I knew
By the end of my poem, I realized that I really do know our love is there and forever; it’s just needing some tender loving care!……  Diane

31 thoughts on “IF YOU KNEW – Poem

  1. I love the mental transformation that took place as you wrote the poem, Diane. I believe the view from the latter half of the poem is likely to lead to a more joyous life for you and perhaps even a happier ending to this situation for both of you. Its positive, loving, and hopeful tone may help to keep the space between your hearts open, and hopefully will lead to an easier coming together for both of you.


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