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Hope in 2011

Hope in 2011

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This is of one of our two cats we had previously, for over twelve years.  We took her in off the streets, when we noticed she was pregnant for the second time in one summer. We had been feeding her and finally when we realized that she was to have another litter of kittens, we determined it would not be outside in the fall, with no home. So we lured her close one day with a can of tuna and brought her in. As it turned out after having company one day, someone opened the window in the bedroom she was in, and she got out. We searched and after about three days, when we had given up hope,  she turned up outside our door, and she was not pregnant anymore.

We didn’t know what to do, but we decided to put a rope loosely around her neck, with a loop and that we would then be able to follow her,  to find out where the kittens were. She was having none of that rope though and with a couple of jumps she got free! However to our surprise she slowly walked to the other side of the street, with us following closely and led us to a window well with a piece of wood almost covering it.

After removing it, we found 6 kittens, but one unfortunately had not survived. My husband went and got a large towel and we scooped them up and I carried the mother home.

Hope with 5 kittens

Hope with 5 kittens in 1999

We cared for the little darlings until they were about 2-3 months old and then took them for their first vaccination and DE-worming. After that we advertised in the local paper and got homes for each one, and I made sure that every person would ensure they would be ‘indoor’ cats, as I wanted them to be. I gave each person a small bag of the food I was feeding them and a piece of a blanket that had the scent of the mother on it, in the hopes it would comfort them in their new surroundings.

We kept the mother of course and we named her ‘Hope’ because she now had hope for a better life, which she had for approximately 12 years.

Hope 2011

Hope 2011

She was a most loving pet and we always felt she loved us so much for giving her a home.

26 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

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  2. What a beautiful story. I’m sure you are right, Hope was a wonderful pet because she knew how lucky she was to have a nice warm home. I think (some) animals know when humans are trying to help, otherwise I don’t think you would’ve been able to pick her up without getting a number of scratches. Pets enrich our lives in ways we cannot measure.


      • I wish I could take more of them home with me. The saddest thing is seeing an adopted animal brought BACK to the shelter. Something I will never understand. If you bring back a dog you should not be allowed to take another one! But we hope they make a better choice the second time.


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