People We Meet- People Who Care

Surround yourself with positive peopleI was on Facebook today and noticed something that just caught my eye and my attention. It was one of those sayings that people post, only this one I had some issues with.

Basically as the photo of it indicates, it says that we should surround ourselves with people who are of a positive nature and personality, and avoid the people who are the opposite; those who are not!

The reason I guess it had an effect, was because a lot of my life, was in a ‘depression’ mode.  I wasn’t constantly depressed, but it came and went often. During some of my darkest moments there were those who  definitely did not want to come around much. A lot of people just don’t know how to respond to a person who is in a negative state of emotions. Either that or they just didn’t want to!  I know that many just can’t handle those who are depressed. That does include some of those even that went to our church. I had one Christian friend (acquaintance) even point-blankly tell me that. She was totally an ‘up’ person and she wasn’t meaning to sound unkind when she said it, but I found it strange that she had no inkling of wanting to either.

I do understand that there are times when some need to try to be around positive energy as perhaps they themselves are going through a difficult time. Most of us have times like that; when our lives are in a state of confusion or dysfunction perhaps, and it is all that we can do to keep ourselves going. Our concentration is on our issues and it would be overwhelming to take on someone else’s  problems as well.  I also understand that there are some people who are just always contentious and don’t really want to be friends in the true sense of giving and receiving; and who can hinder your joy and spirit….. and  peace of mind.

Currently I am not in a state of ‘depression’ but this past year has been a very difficult one, both in physical issues and emotional.  There definitely has been a great sadness and a lot of stress, but I know the difference between that and the ‘darkness’ that depression brings. With that, you don’t have any hope, but with sadness or heart-ache one knows that it will not last forever; that there will be light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. That is what I know now. My faith and the support of those in my family and my church family,  many friends, and those of you who follow my blog and have offered comfort many times over, when I have reached out to you.

If everyone only ever surrounded themselves with positive people and negated all the others, it would be a sad world. Those who are in a time of need and are depressed need to know they are not alone. They need to know they are not unlovable even if they feel it. It’s up to those who can bring themselves to reach out, to put a kind arm around their shoulder; to give a hug; to just be there and listen to them if that’s what they need at the time.

I will always be grateful to those who have done that for me, in times of distress.

Support the people you love and allow them to support you-001Perhaps someone reading this can identify with the issue and knows someone who needs that loving validation and who can reach out to them with kindness and compassion.  I hope so!

18 thoughts on “People We Meet- People Who Care

  1. Nice post. I fully agree that those memes are misleading and judgemental. If you can’t support someone or have their support because of depression or a momentary bad attitutde then you aren’t a very good friend/mate/whatever. Everyone has ups and downs and enjoy having the support of those who care throughout it all. I think when things get rough is actually the best time to see who’s really on your side. Some people will only want to be around when you have something to give and a few are still there when you need.


  2. We all have ups and downs. I believe that there is a difference between being negative and being depressed for a reason. Negative people sees bad on everthing no matter what the situation is. You are not like that because you see the light and you and still hope for the best. You inspires although you are depressed by keeping your faith to God no matter what. Good to have family and friends that understands. Bless your heart der.


    • For sure there is a difference but some people don’t differentiate … they just don’t accept people who have problems and may be going through a negative time in their lives….. I have been so fortunate to have lovely supportive friends and family Thanks Joy.. Diane


  3. I know what you mean about this meme and you make some great points. As a person with depression I can totally relate to your way of thinking. You’re right too, that some people, many people do not know how to handle someone depressed or in a ‘negative’ mood. Even I don’t know how to handle my husband who has been depressed a couple of times. Depressed people can often find themselves isolated and that is the worst thing for a person in deep depression. To surround oneself with only people of a positive frame of mind sounds ideal and I think the phrase refers more to the naysayers and people who can never find anything positive to say, and people who will destroy your own peace of mind.


  4. thank you, the article and the true happiness rays began to warm hearts, when we share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂


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