DP Weekly Writing Challenge – Part 2

See Challenge Part 1 before reading this.  (Hope you don’t find this second part anticlimactic)

When the doctor told us not to take the time to drop off our younger son who was 16 months old, at my sister’s, before taking J.A. to the hospital, I knew that we had a sick little baby. This particular doctor was the head pediatrician of Sick Children’s Hospital, and he was not an alarmist by any means.  So if he said don’t waste any time, we didn’t intend to.

We drove as fast as we could to the hospital  trying not be reckless,  and parked in the Emergency lot. We went into the Emergency department and found that our doctor had called ahead and arranged for us to be met by Surgeon. It seems our baby’s hernia had ‘strangulated’ and was very serious. When the doctor came in, he was very kind and reassuring that everything would be okay. J.A. was crying and coughing quite badly and I remember giving him his ‘soother’ to try and calm him, wondering what doctors thought of doing that.  I made some comment to that effect, and he told me that he fully approved. That made me feel a bit better.

He explained to us as much as we could understand that some tissue, I believe intestines were pushing through an opening where the hernia was, and if left untreated it could cut off blood supply. I’m not sure of the exact medical terminologies at this point in time. It was a long time ago. I only remember being very scared for out son. The doctor said he would put off surgery if he could, to see if they could get the tissue to go back into place by putting J.A. on an incline. If it went into place they would put off surgery until the morning as he didn’t want to operate when it was so inflamed etc.

He told us that there was no point in us waiting as it would take awhile, and that we were not to worry because everything was going to be fine. Because we had our other son with us and he was getting very tired and cranky by this time, we decided on trusting that our little one would be looked after and we would go home for the night, and come back first thing in the morning. Of course the doctor said he would call if there was any reason to, during the night but he felt sure that everything would be okay. We decided on going to my mother’s place to stay the night because it was not as far to go as our home was.

It was so difficult to leave him there being only 3 months old and so tiny. I wondered how on earth they operate on such a small child, with such a delicate touch being needed. Having talked to the Surgeon however and feeling his strength and knowledge, given his reassurance, and also knowing that this was one of the best hospitals in the country, with very caring nurses too, we felt it alright to leave him. We knew he was in the best possible hands to care for him. Of course he was in God’s hands as well.

The next morning we left early for the hospital and when we got there the operation had been done and J.A. was in a room in a tiny bed but more the size of an incubator. We spoke to the doctor and found out everything went well and our son could go home the next day if he did okay. It wasn’t a complicated surgery, only having to stitch the opening closed as the tissue had gone back into place, and they had checked the other side as well to ensure it was not weak. We stayed with him for awhile and then went back to my mother’s to stay another night.

We picked J.A. up the next day with profuse thanks to the doctor and all who had cared for him, and took both of our little ones home.

On reflection it was a very scary experience and even though we were young parents, we had managed to recognize when something wasn’t right, and had done what was needed. It all turned out okay, and we thanked God that it did. There were other times of emergency in our children’s lives, but I guess that is to be expected and maybe a story for another challenge…. hint…. like the time our other son got into a unpacked box when we had moved, and found a can of ‘drano’ and thought he would play with it… for those of you who don’t  know what that is, it is a very caustic cleaner for toilets !  I don’t know if it’s on the market anymore.

Anyway, another day……….

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