DP Weekly Writing Challenge – Part 1

J.A. on the day he was born

J.A. on the day he was born

Challenge: Tell a personal story, but withhold the unexpected ending. Publish the two posts whenever you’d like; on the same day, a day apart, or a week apart, depending on how tense you want to leave your readers.                           Note: (I’ll likely publish Part two soon).

I was so tired. Our firstborn was only 8 months old when I found out that we were expecting our second child. I was 20 years old and feeling like twice my age, at least. We hadn’t planned to have another baby this soon after our first, but sometimes things don’t happen exactly as we think.

J. our first son, thrived but he didn’t sleep well at all. He never slept through the night until he was at least 7 months old. So while he progressed very well and the doctor was pleased that he gained weight and he was well-adjusted and healthy, I was severely sleep-deprived. Having your sleep interrupted several times a night will do that.

In any case now we were to have a second, and while we wondered how we would manage we accepted all would be well and we just ‘would’. So on December 31 st, 1965 New Year’s Eve, J.A. came into the world. I had hoped maybe he would be the first baby of the new year but alas he made his entry at 10:30 pm.

J.A. also did not sleep well through the night either, and by the time he was a couple of months old,  I felt like I was in a daze. He seemed okay though health-wise, except I notice a lump in his groin one day, and made an appointment to see the doctor. He explained it was an inguinal hernia and that it just needed to be ‘watched’.

It didn’t help that our new son caught a cold when he was just 3 months old. Newborns were thought to have some immunity for the first few months, but J.A.  didn’t seem to. The cold remained just that, for a week or so, but then a cough developed. We took him to the doctor and got some medication for him, but unfortunately the cough continued. It not only continued but progressed and became quite bad. In fact it turned out to be whooping cough.

When I changed his diaper one day, I noticed that the lump in his groin was enlarged.  I made a call to the pediatrician and he heard our baby coughing in the background, and told us to bring him in that night to his office that he had in his home. He always had his daytime office hours at his clinic in the city, but then he had office hours at his home in the evening for those who couldn’t come during the day.

We quickly made plans to take him in to see the doctor that night, and arrived around 7 pm. When he examined him, we could tell he was very concerned. He told us to take him right away to Sick Children’s Hospital. We asked if it was okay to drop off J. at my sister’s for her to look after him while we took J.A. to the hospital. He said ‘No’!……  to be continued

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