New Year’s Resolutions – Poem

I wrote this for wePoetsShowIt as they have a monthly contest and I am one of the 3 finalists. I am so excited (ha) . It was to write about New Year’s Resolution with a bit of humour…. Voting is open till Friday at 5 pm here  ………

Two-thirteen is drawing to a close

And this is what I suppose,

New Year’s Resolutions once again

So I must engage my brain.


 What they will be, I must decide

Some of which I’d like to hide,

So many things to choose from

A better person I’ll become.


Should I try to lose some weight?

Or try never to be late?

Perhaps I’ll read more books

Or do something with my looks.


If I smoked I could cease

On my hair, use less grease,

I could try to never lie

Or never to ask why.


Perhaps to write a blog a day

No, I’d scare my followers away,

I’m so confused, what will it be

I would have to do it happily


I think for now what I will do

Is to tell you something very true,

I don’t think I will change a thing

Perhaps when winter turns to spring!

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