Christmas….. Some Memories

Nativity creche made by my husband 40 years ago and which we still use today....

Nativity creche made 40 years ago by my husband and which we still use today….

Let me begin by saying I do love the Christmas season with all of its’ meaning.

First and foremost of course for me is the fact of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. Going to church on Christmas Eve and having the sense of the peace of that night envelop me, especially at the end of the service and singing ‘Silent Night’.

When our children were small, we had to make sure they got to bed so that we could begin putting the various toys together, that had to be left till then. I remember one Christmas Eve especially because it seemed everything needed to be put together, including a farm set for the children that had buildings and a fence with what seemed like hundreds of parts.

For years we would not even contemplate an artificial tree, and did not until the children were grown, and it seemed that every tree we bought dropped from the time we took it into the house. It got so we were afraid to even turn the lights on because they dried out so badly. And so alas we finally gave in and opted for a tree that did not drop needles.

I remember the very first Christmas that we were married. We got carried away with our tradition of opening one present Christmas Eve, and because there was only the two of us, opened one more and then another and before we knew it all the presents had been opened. What a letdown on Christmas morning with no surprises waiting for us.

We had a surprise of another kind though. My husband ‘W”‘s father had always done the stuffing of the turkey, and he always did it the night before, so my husband followed suit and did the same. I was more than willing to delegate ‘W’ to the preparation and cooking of the turkey. He prepared it and then left it ready so we could put it in the oven when the time was right. We were having company and didn’t want to eat until about 5 p.m. Our first clue that something was wrong was when ‘W’s mother dropped in for a short visit and asked what the awful smell was. Now we had noticed that it didn’t smell the same as we thought it should, but didn’t really worry too much as we thought it was just starting to cook and would soon start to smell enticing.

However, while explaining how we had saved time by stuffing it the night before, just like ‘Dad’ did, we found out there was one exception. Dad put it in the oven and began slow-cooking it late Christmas Eve as they always had dinner at noon. Our poor turkey was spoiled ‘rotten’.

We quickly had to try to notify our ‘guests’ for Christmas dinner that plans had to be changed. We found other relatives to accommodate everyone and so everything turned out okay.

At least one good thing came from that happening…. it makes for a good story/blog 50 years later…..

I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a year ahead full of blessings, good health and well-being. I am thankful for all my friends here on WordPress. What better gift could I receive?

16 thoughts on “Christmas….. Some Memories

  1. Very touching to read your Christmas story. I don’t have any good memories about Christmas until I was grown up. Here in Norway, gift opening is on Christmas eve. So it is all gone in Christmas day;)
    Every Christmas, when my husband is at home, ( he is a seaman) he do the cooking. I am responsible for the cakes and desert and decorating the house.
    This Christmas, he is home and I am happy. 50 % happy because I miss my family in the Philippines. 100% happy because Jesus was born:)
    Merry Christmas to you and your family:)


  2. it brought back memories of my first try at stuffing, the stuffing dried out and burnt while the turkey was not cooked all the way – I have no idea what I did or did not do to make that happen! Cute story! Christmas blessings!!


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