Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge


petchallenge  I’m posting a few pictures of our recent addition to our family, our cat Daisy recently adopted from a shelter and who was about 7 months old.

She and our 10 year old Lhasa Apso,  Koko have been getting used to each other, and she is quite playful… actually annoying, as she jumps at him and then runs away. Sometimes when he goes to investigate she gives him a hiss or two….  I took some

I added this one 'cause it's just so cute !

I added this one ’cause it’s just so cute !

recent photos I thought were sweet.


Maybe if I ignore her!

Yep..he's up there!

Yep..he’s up there!

It looks like she's not going anywhere

It looks like she’s not going anywhere

12 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

    • She jumps over him leaps and bounds… lol And I hope your time with your family is special…. I guess my real hope is that they would all realize how important you are to their well-being.. and appreciate you more… That would be my gift for you…. Diane


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