Keep the Spirit Alive

I put a short post on Facebook but then thought I’d do a blog about it. ‘It’ being the fact that this and every Christmas season people seem to be friendlier and care about their fellow-man more. They are more generous with donations of money and other things like food. They seem kinder to others around, even to those that normally would elicit not too much response from them, like the homeless man or woman on the street.

We seem to want everyone to be thought of during this season of goodwill to mankind. And we hear not only ourselves but others saying that we wish this same spirit could remain all year-long, and not only at Christmas. Unfortunately, the feeling fades soon after Christmas is over.

We hope that each child has a gift or two to open on Christmas morning. There are collections done by many to make this happen.

We even think of those in other countries not as prosperous as ours and many give a donation to them as well.

So my point today is, that if we really determine that we would like this kindness and compassion to remain all through the year, I think we can make it happen. To do this we only need to think about one area in our life we could help or show kindness to. Something that is within our capabilities and to which we could make a commitment. It doesn’t have to be an everyday thing but just something… sometime!  It doesn’t have to involve money, unless we have some that we have to spare.

It could mean that we visit someone we know or don’t know who is perhaps in a long-term facility such as a hospital, hospice or nursing home. If anyone has ever had the need to be in for example a nursing home, I’m sure you have seen the reaction when one of the patients have a visitor. Their face lights up and a smile broadens their face. And if a child should visit, almost every resident beams with delight.

Let’s remember though that there are those who can’t respond when someone comes to visit, but who need to know there is someone who thinks they are special enough to visit, and who remembers them. If you visit and speak to them as though they can understand, because in many cases they can, or watch a t.v. show with them,  read to them.  Just spend a little while!

There is the need always for food donations, and even if it is a few cans of soup or whatever, if we can spare it there are many places who will receive it with gratitude.

What about volunteering at an animal shelter, or another agency?

In our every day lives there are little kindnesses that we can show, like we do at Christmas, like helping our neighbor who perhaps cannot get out to shop because they are unwell, or perhaps shovel their walkway off.

I’m just giving a few suggestions, but there really are so many ‘even small’ ways to keep the Christmas season alive during twelve months of the year instead of only one.

Perhaps it’s just something you could think about, and maybe even it would become contagious and would spread so that by next year at this time, you could look back and see the ways that you helped to make someone’s life better in some way during the year and you kept the ‘spirit alive’.

Just a thought ……

13 thoughts on “Keep the Spirit Alive

  1. I think it could be very easy to maintain the “holiday spirit” all year round; treat everyone as you would like to be treated. That means don’t yell at the Barista for giving you the wrong drink. Holding the door open for the lady with the baby stroller. Letting someone go ahead of you in the check out line. Paying for the guy behind you. And as you said; always give to the food banks. They are open all year round, not just Christmas. These are all such easy ways to make life more enjoyable for all of us, but not all of us can do this.


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