Dementia is not contagious!

I hope that you take time to read this thought-provoking post so well explained.

It is an issue close to my heart and as it happened I  wrote a newspaper editorial  many years ago when my own mother was in a nursing home. … I was so motivated to do, because when leaving the home one day, at the front entrance there was a dear lady sitting there clutching her dress to her chest and dabbing her eyes…. ‘waiting I would imagine to see if there would be someone walk through that door to see her’ Maybe someone’s heart will be stirred to go and see someone they know (or don’t know) … Diane


A lot of people are afraid of dementia, whether it be Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease Dementia (my husband Anthony’s type), or other variations. It isn’t just the fear of developing the disease one day, it is also the fear of anyone who has the disease.

As someone who worked in nursing homes for many years, dementia doesn’t scare me at all but I guess, if you haven’t had that kind of experience it could be scary visiting a loved one who used to be the life of the party, or extremely energetic, or with a dry, sarcastic wit (Anthony) only to find them either silent or saying what sounds like nonsense.

But it’s not that scary once you get used to it – it’s not! You learn how to listen differently, you learn how to be comfortable with silence, you learn how to love the person again for what he…

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7 thoughts on “Dementia is not contagious!

    • I’m sorry if this made you sad… but you know your mother may have understood the reason… I came from a family with 9 siblings and yet only about 4…. 3 regularly went to see my Mom. It was just too hard for them… I didn’t judge them because it was something they couldn’t help…. Diane


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