Omnishambles’.. “a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged, characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations”.Picture of a forest

It was actually at church this Sunday that I learned about this ‘new word’ introduced and accepted by the Oxford English Dictionary.

As I sat and listened to an example of it’s usage given by our guest Minister/Priest I so identified. She used a scene from The Hobbit movie and somewhat paraphrased it but the gist of it was, that it was like being lost in a forest and trying hard to find your way out. So you climb a tall tree and look to see if you can find a place where there are no trees to be found, so that you could go in that direction. But all  you see are trees… nothing else. So it seems that there is no way out of the forest.

However. after walking a few more miles, there is a waft of air with the taste of salt in it. You’re not sure but there is ‘hope’ all of a sudden that maybe there is water nearby. After walking a few more miles, sure enough you find that there is an end to the forest after all.

At this particular time in my life, that is where I find myself. I haven’t quite discovered the air with moisture and salt in it, but because of my faith and I believe the support from different sources, such as from you… my friends in the blogging world, the prayers from within my Church, and also those in a Bible Study I attend, I know that I will find the way out of the forest.

God knows the way; He can see the whole scene and will direct me.

Things accelerated recently and because I believe I am so tired I couldn’t climb the tree to look. But by faith and hope and prayer I know that I only have to keep walking and I will see the way out.

Until that happens I will trust and believe. If I look at this past year when we made the move to be closer to our family, I could say that it was a wrong decision. BUT if I change my perception, I say that because God knew it would be a difficult time both physically and emotionally He directed the move to have the added support from our sons, grandchildren and this new wonderful group of people in a small congregation of the church we now attend, added to the caring people I have met through blogging.

And so I will continue walking, and in God’s timing I will come to where I find the opening in the forest. I will ‘try’ to avoid speculating as to when or how long that will be, but instead put one foot in front of the other, and ‘wait’.

In order not to be mystical about this time I will say that it is of course the wearied condition physically that I find myself, and also that during the Thanksgiving weekend I reached out to my daughter and received the answer that she was not willing to have us in her life. It was the way she said it that was so difficult to handle.

I will just continue loving her and await the time when we ‘will be’ reunited as a family once again.

Until I start to feel less fatigued, I will likely be still not back blogging and reading as much as I normally do, but I will be doing so … just in a limited way for a while.

Diane xoxo

9 thoughts on ““Omnishambles”

    • I thought it was a great word… and I have had some health concerns over the past few months and an emotional issue as well that has been difficult… but I have had so much support over the blogging world… Thanks for reading and commenting….. Diane


  1. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to follow where God calls us, but He always blesses us when we do. May you continue to feel His presence all around you and I pray for Gods healing touch.


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