Time Out….

Just a short note to say that I need to take a time-out for awhile.

I may pop in but I just don’t know right now.

Hoping it won’t be too long. Take care!

Diane xo

18 thoughts on “Time Out….

  1. Continued prayers! I think that I have kind of hit and missed your blog and have been following you… but when you commented recently on my blog… I’ve come in and felt more of a need to pray for ya!
    Hope you are doing better!


    • Thank you very much for your prayers and concern. I am …shall I say in a ‘state of waiting on the Lord’ … with regard to my health I am going for surgery next Wed. and am so hoping soon thereafter I may be able to sleep again…in my own bed and not in the lazy boy… and regain some stamina… With regard to the situation with my daughter …that is not so good.. She really has cut us off … I’m not sure why she is so bitter.. I feel she must be going through something but I can’t do anything at all… Maybe that’s good in that I have no recourse but to trust God and wait on Him… but my heart is heavy. .. I just thought since you asked I would explain a bit.. thanks again.. Diane


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