Quick and I Mean Quick Update

Well, I went for my appointment with the ENT specialist today and surgery is scheduled for November 6th,  2013. The reason that there is not the lengthy wait time as with the other two, is that he is just a new doctor to the area, and so is not booked up solid. I did have to travel 2+ hours to see him but it is certainly worth it.

While I certainly don’t look forward to having this done, and in fact am a little apprehensive, I do look forward to being able to sleep laying down again … in an actual bed…  I think I remember what one looks and feels like !!!

I still have one more test regarding the TIA my doctor thinks I experienced just over a week ago.

Thank you again for all your good wishes, thoughts and prayers given over and over, and I thank God for seeing me through this time, and in the days ahead.

I believe also that in His timing the other issue, relating to our daughter will resolve also.

28 thoughts on “Quick and I Mean Quick Update

  1. So glad for you that you now have surgery scheduled! What a huge relief that must be for you. I can understand your apprehension, though. I look forward to reading the blog post after you recover and get to sleep in a real bed! 😀


  2. I’m glad this will happen much sooner than a year, and I had a family member with a TIA a few years ago. Fortunately everything turned out all right and he recovered almost all of his symptoms, minus a little bit of numbness. Sending well wishes and prayers to you as you take on all of these appointments and procedures!


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