Blessings In My Life – The Ability to Laugh

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX D530This will be a fairly short post, but is the second of posts on blessings I find in my life.

The ability to laugh when sometimes the alternative might be to cry.  When there are so many challenges in my life that I have previously written about and many of you know.

Last night I downloaded something and ended up with malware  in my computer. I didn’t realize what it was at first, I just thought it was some annoying pop-ups.  But they increased in number, and there was no way that I could seemingly get rid of them. My home page did not display properly and was taken over by a malware with the name of Conduit. So my trek into ‘googling’ to try and find out what to do. Everything that was suggested did not get rid of the problem.

I did a total scan of my computer, I searched everywhere that was mentioned and got a little panicky wondering how bad it was going to get.

Anyway after making a desperate call to my computer friend (who wasn’t home) I looked one more place and it seemed to ‘almost’ work. There is some that I couldn’t delete or uninstall but was able to disable it.

But you know, it was just another cog in a somewhat trying time, and so instead of crying or getting uptight, I laughed. I hardly got any sleep, and  you know that is not unusual right now for me, but last night I got even less than the perhaps 3 hours I get at night. I may nod off before finishing this post, because my eyes are almost shut.

Oh, and with this blessing, I should mention that I do have a specialist appointment tomorrow. It’s with a doctor back where we used to live and so must travel a couple of hours, but that’s okay. Now I just have to hope that his surgery dates are not like the other two I’ve tried which was 10 months to a year!

So I have hope that perhaps it won’t ‘maybe’ be too much longer before I can actually lie down again at night and actually get a good night’s sleep!

The ability to ‘laugh’… is truly a blessing. It helps to bring things into perspective!  Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians……

Oh, and I had to put a picture of a beautiful fall day, taken actually two years ago, when the fields were alive with color.

18 thoughts on “Blessings In My Life – The Ability to Laugh

  1. Beautiful picture! It makes me sad and mad….I guess smad (like that? I made it up 🙂 ) that people find ways to break other peoples computers. I guess they find joy (or money) in hurting other peoples things. What a good attitude you had in this situation. I pray that God would remind me of this post the next time I get frustrated or angry. Hugs.


    • I like your new word… smad !! I’ve never had a computer virus before and boy I hope I never do again… and why do people get a kick out of doing that… Oh well… Thanks for giving me a smile…. Diane


      • I’m good at giving people smiles. Here is a joke that my kids told me: A young boy’s parents were getting a divorce. The judge asked the boy, “Would you like to live with your mom?” The boy said, “No, she beats me.” The judge asked, “Would you like to live with your dad?” The boy replied, “No, he beats me too.” The judge went on to say, “Well, who do you want to live with then?” The boy stated, “I want to live with the Cleveland Browns. They don’t beat anybody.”
        There’s a smile. Take care Diane.


  2. true, laughter and the ability to laugh at ourselves are wonderful gifts. I am glad you got an appointment. Your photo is pretty. I am glad things are looking up for you. 🙂


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