Blessings in my Life – He Is !

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX D530Lou Ann at On the Homefront and Kathy from Lake Superior Spirit have committed to doing a post a week during the next three months of the blessings in their lives. I am going to ‘try’ to do this as well, and I say ‘try’ because as many of you know I am quite weary these days. But I really want to do this so I concentrate on the good and positive things in my life.

The very first one I want to acknowledge is my husband ‘W’.  He deserves some recognition because of his constant love, acceptance and support he gives me each and every day. His love is shown in action as he helps so much with the day-to-day upkeep of our home. He is very pro-active with the household chores from cleaning to cooking. He has always helped with the children from the time they were born, and the house, but in the past several years his efforts have been increased.

I have Multiple Sclerosis as many are aware and some other medical challenges, which make it difficult to do many things, because of mobility issues but also the fatigue that is ever-present. While I try to contribute as much as I can, ‘W’ never complains; he just keeps doing whatever needs done.  He is not perfect, (‘surprise’) but without his help so much would simply not get done.

It is more than the physical things he does, as he is an encourager and a positive influence in my life. Some days when I am feeling down he makes an extra effort to make me feel better, and always reminds me that I am loved.

So the first ‘blessing’ that I post is about the man I committed to love and he to me fifty years ago…. ‘for better or worse, to love and to cherish ’till death us do part’.

21 thoughts on “Blessings in my Life – He Is !

  1. You are indeed blessed with a wonderful husband, partner and friend. One thing I have found out these past few months, death will not even separate you – a love like yours will last for eternity.


  2. We’ve definitely got to count our blessings and constantly remind ourselves of the very good things we have in life. The best to you both xx


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