Follow-up re Computer Issue(s)

I wrote a post on September 9th re a Computer Glitch whereby I noticed I wasn’t receiving email notifications of blogs that I follow and should have been. These were the Daily or Weekly notifications, as I was receiving the Instant ones. I decided to have a look in Word Press Support forum and saw this information, and am passing it on to you.

We are experiencing problems with our daily and weekly digest updates (instant updates should still be fine). We are working on the problem and apologize for any inconvenience.

Believe me, I want the daily digests back as much as anyone!

I would encourage you to subscribe to this thread for updates on the situation:

There is another ‘glitch’ that I ran into several weeks ago and which I also had gone to Word Press. Com support.. NOT WP.ORG

I did not receive any response to it but did see that other  bloggers had run into it as well.  The issue being that on some blogs where I went to make a comment, I received a message saying ” Sorry your comment cannot be posted “. I was perplexed as to why it happened on certain blog sites but not others. I decided to look for any pattern and I think I discovered when it is happening. I did advise Word Press Support of my suspicion but haven’t heard from them.  Anyway for anyone who runs into this, it is I believe (strongly) that if the site you go to make a comment on has their ‘Discussion Settings’ set to ‘Users must be registered and logged in to comment’  then I believe commenters will run into the problem.

I believe that readers will not necessarily try a second time to make a comment if they run into this problem, and so you might notice less comments on your post.

What I did (do) is when I know this is going to happen, in order not to have to type the whole comment again the second time, is to copy the comment before pressing ‘Comment’ and then when I get the message ‘comment cannot be posted’ I simply go back and ‘paste’ it in. It is a nuisance and I hope WP does correct the problem but in the interim, you may want to do this.

If your setting is as I have suggested, you may want to uncheck it temporarily to avoid frustration of your commenters. Just a suggestion…. you may not want to.

Just an ‘aside’ … When I was last employed,  one of my jobs was to track down the more complex problems and to find the answers. Sometimes I think it is hard to break old habits…..Diane

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