Notification Glitch

I’ve just realized and should have done sooner, that there are some blogs I haven’t been getting email notifications for.  I have some that I should have been getting ‘daily’ notifications from, but haven’t.

If things were not as stressful lately for me I would have noticed earlier.

I’ll have to go and adjust the settings, and so IF you get a message that I am following you, you’ll know that it’s for that reason….

It may not generate a message but thought I’d mention it so you’ll realize why you haven’t received any comments from me recently.



14 thoughts on “Notification Glitch

  1. I have had the same problem. I checked my settings and everything is set correctly. I am thinking wordpress is having issues. If it happens again I may have to contact them. It has happened 3 times already. God bless ~ Patty


  2. I’ve been having this problem also. I’m not getting any of my daily or weekly post, and a few of my immediate posts. I have checked and rechecked my settings, but have gotten no where. This has been going on a little over a week.


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