Good News/Bad News !

I finally had my specialist appointment yesterday, to see what could be done if anything regarding the fact that I cannot lay down to sleep. My nose blocks up one side or another or both, and will only clear when I stand up and walk around a bit. Then I sleep in an upright position in my lazy boy, getting very little and very poor sleep. I also have sleep apnea and cannot use the CPAP. This has been ongoing for several months, and the appointment delayed because of a few issues.

So, anyway I went yesterday and the doctor was very kind and after a short examination, told me what the problem was. I need surgery on my nasal and sinus areas. It’s only day surgery and he thought I would be feeling so much better afterwards. That’s the good news.

The bad news is, that after speaking with his secretary she informed me that the doctor will be off for 2-3 months himself due to a health issue, and so the earliest appointment would be…drum roll please… July 2014 ! There will be another doctor looking after his patients until he returns but even if I was to say I would like him to do the surgery, I would be so far down on the waiting list, it would almost be the same time frame.

Needless to say, being so sleep deprived for so long the tears began to fall, right there in the office. His secretary felt so bad and said if anything were possible,  she would try to look into it. I fear that she did it out of ‘pity’, but at least she said the right words.

I must say that I knew waiting times were sometimes long, but not that long and considering I’ve been waiting already for several months this is not what I needed to hear. So I came home and thought perhaps, instead of getting all worked up…just maybe she will be able to somehow work things out.

I also decided that since I am a Christian and do believe that God can cut through ‘red tape’ that I would ask some family and close friends to pray for 48 hours, giving me a chance to think about what to do next. But maybe in that time a ‘miracle’ could happen.  I do allow that God may not intervene because there is a better solution than I can think of right now. Perhaps I need to go back to my General Physician and ask to be referred to yet another doctor???

The 48 hours isn’t up until tomorrow evening, so I will wait and think about my options.

I only know I cannot make it until next July!

32 thoughts on “Good News/Bad News !

  1. Diane have you tried Breath Rite Strips? They might help a little until you can get your surgery. And now you know that something can be done to help your breathing. Which is good. It would have been really horrible if they said there was nothing they could do. The way to look at it is that your miracle is already half-way there!


    • Yes I’ve tried breathe use… And you’re right my miracle is half there… I’m waiting to hear about another referral my doctor made today.. There is a glimmer of hope that I’ll get to see another ENT soon?? But want to wait and see before I consider it a ‘fact’.. When I know I’ll be posting a short post … Actually my one fear was that they would say they couldn’t do anything… What I will be having is a septoplasty and turbinate reduction… clear as mud eh? Thanks for the thoughts Linda… Diane


  2. That’s truly awful! I feel so sad for you. I can’t imagine waiting another year! You are in my thoughts. I send you thoughts of hope and a speedy surgery date! I’ve heard that wait times are the big negatives of socialized medicine. Why is it so hard to get to surgeries? Aren’t there enough surgical centers or surgeons?

    I am truly thinking of you and anticipating a quicker surgery. If it was some kind of cancer would you still have to wait? I’m sorry but a year wait is truly excessive. I wish I could do more for you than cross my fingers and hope for the best. You are in my thoughts.

    All the best.



  3. Grr. This world is ludicrous sometimes! So frustrating.

    I’m praying for you from he Holy Land and the holy city.

    Hoping to see some positive news Diane xx


    • Thank you … it’s 4 am here and not sleeping..but spent some time looking up some doctors in our area and going to take the names with me to an appointment with my general doctor that I have on see how and if things can be rushed…IF possible… ?? Hope so…Diane xoxo p.s. To read about the Holy Land in the Bible is one thing but to be actually able to see it must be wonderful…


      • Good luck. I hope you find some leads!

        In the meantime… Sleeeeep!!! It’s so late (or early there!).

        Yes, the Holy Land is a place that nobody could ever imagine until you’ve seen it with your own eyes. I’ve traveled throughout the country and its simply amazing.



  4. You should look into another referral, Tom had suffered from years of sleep deprivation and it was so hard on him, I would hate to see you suffer like he did. He also had sleep apnea but it was under control but for some reason doctors could not diagnose why he was not getting any sleep, because all the tests they had done on him proved inconclusive. Anyway…since you have a solution I say go for it, you deserve to get this taken care of asap before it ruins your health.


    • You would understand…living with someone who was sleep deprived…how hard it really is… Before all this started my apnea was under control…. but when/if I do get this straightened out I only hope I can get back in a sleep rhythm … With the research I did online re my symptoms I was correct in what now has been confirmed.. I need a septoplasty and a turbinate reduction…Basically there is swelling takes place when I lay down as well as deviated septum… I don’t look forward to the surgery but if the end result gets rid of this constant fatigue I will do it anytime/anywhere.

      I’m going to my GP on Monday and ask if somehow she can get an ‘urgent appointment’ with another ENT .. I’m not too hopeful but I can’t go on living in this fog I’ve been in for months…

      Thanks for your concern Patty… Diane


    • Yep… in Ontario like you. And I believe our system is good… This is a glitch that I haven’t run into before… but this summer has been one of trauma and resulted delays… combination of errors.! I will likely ?? have to go back to my GP and be referred elsewhere.. but now I know what the problem is so maybe she can find someone who will take me on a priority basis.. Who knows at this point… thanks Lou Ann… xoxo


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