Daily Prompt – Name That … You

Prompt: Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? What about your children’s names?

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When I thought about this prompt I knew what the derivative of my name was and where it came from, but then I thought I would check a few places and see what the general meaning was. What I found of course is many different meanings. So I decided I wouldn’t list the characteristics because there are so many variations.

Instead I thought I would write what I would like my name to mean. I actually have three names, Diane Linda Susan.

I would like it to mean someone who deeply loves and cares for her family and friends. I would like it to mean someone who questions many things in life and never blindly does anything without weighing the validity and consequences of doing so.

I would like it to mean someone who makes mistakes but tries to rectify them and seek forgiveness when necessary.

A fierce defender and a loyal friend is among some of the traits I would hope it would mean.

That God would find a person with my name acceptable in His sight, would be something I would seek.

There are I guess many things I would hope a person with my name would possess, but I’ve listed a few that came immediately to my mind….

19 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Name That … You

  1. The story goes my parents picked out my name and called my grandma with the news. Grandma was having trouble hearing at the time and she thought my parents said “Linda” and she said she thought it a pretty name. So it stuck.

    My parents were completely oblivious to the fact that in Spanish my name means “pretty” or even “beautiful.” I like to think now that my name suits me, in that I hope I am a beautiful person, not physically, but deeply and in my soul beautiful. It is what I strive to be.


  2. My name is unusual and I always have to explain where it comes from … and yes it can get annoying that I always have to repeat my name several times but then I wouldn’t be me if I was Sarah .. Ann … or Mary


  3. Beautiful name Diane and the traits you want for your name too. II can say that I can wish the same too.
    Anyway, my real name is Ligaya. It means joy in English. I want to be joyful under all circumstances. To bring joy and encouragement to the people around me:)


  4. So long as those are the traits people think of when they think of you, then your name would indeed mean those things to them. I guess we all of the opportunity to have our name mean whatever we want by the way we live our lives. Thank you for the many gifts you bring to my mine.


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