validation: to recognize, establish, or illustrate the worthiness or legitimacy of <validate his concerns>

It came to mind after reading some blogs lately, just how important this is to many if not all of us, especially in times of stress and difficult times to validate a person.

There are those who are not feeling well and search for a long time to finally come across a doctor that recognizes that there is indeed more investigation necessary without making a hasty decision that the person is imagining or exaggerating symptom(s). I  ran into this myself many years ago, but finally was taken seriously by a doctor who within five minutes could tell something was not as it should be. And of course subsequently I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  It was explained to me that I had it for many years, and so all those times when I would seek help from my general practitioner and was told that he could find nothing wrong, were finally replaced by a feeling of ‘relief’ and ‘validation’. I wasn’t crazy after all!

There are other times or reasons that we need to be validated, and one of them is when one feels that the emotions we are experiencing are being dismissed by those around us as being overly dramatic and being told they could be controlled by simply having a strong will. They need to know that we understand their feelings are real. They need ‘validation’.

One more reason I’ll mention is when someone needs to know that they are an important, worthwhile, and loved individual.  There may not always be someone close to do this, so whenever we get a chance I think we should take the opportunity to lift one another up and ‘validate’ their importance. Those who doubt that they deserve to be loved, need to know that others care and most especially be told that God loves them also.

So if given the opportunity to help someone along ‘life’s journey’ in a positive way and to encourage them, I believe validation can be a significant way to do it.

27 thoughts on “Validation…..

  1. You are so right. That’s why so many of us seem to need to blog; we get that validation we all need. It is so necessary to some of us to feel that our feelings are real and that we are wanted. You are so right. I hereby validate your truth. I send you good thoughts and tell you you are cared for and loved.


  2. What a wonderful post Diane. It’s was very comforting to read. I also thing another way you can validate someone is just by listening to them. Really listening is one of the most powerful forms of love there is. It’s sad that good listening skills are so rare in this world.


  3. That is really true. Everyone needs to be heard and recognized and be respected.
    Th is an awakening post and thanks forr sharing. I wish I could make you well. God be with you dear and we must not give up praying and trusting.


  4. Hi Diane, Validation is important. I’ve worked hard for a long time and I’m so ready for the validation I’m looking for: A publishing contract. That will not only validate me, but take me on the next step in my writing career. You have to have some validation or all you do becomes pointless.


  5. Wonderful post Diane. You are ‘right on’ from where I sit. I loved the word you used too … validation. It’s the perfect word to have used to explain this so much needed ‘need’ of the human condition.
    love you dear,


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