Shoes Anyone??

Some of you may remember that we moved last October to a new area. We’ve visited many little towns surrounding us but just recently found a ‘unique’ area landmark.

It poses such a question as to who or what inspired this person or persons to create it. It is literally a ‘shoe tree’ !! If you’re looking to buy a special pair as they are in two’s … just pay a visit. Take a close-up look!

photo 1-001

Me with the SHOE TREE

Me with the SHOE TREE

photo 2

22 thoughts on “Shoes Anyone??

  1. Diane i was having problem with my computer the day you posted this.. I tried to comment and it was pushing me out. I thought you are healthier than you think. That is so creative of you. I love the shoes hanging. Sometimes human can hang like that too. sitting in a place and not moving.. Well I am happy you are okay.


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