Anyone Else ?

Just a short post to ask if others of you are are frustrated as I am with the sometimes message from Word Press that “Sorry comment cannot be posted”

I am assuming that I am not the only one getting a message like this…at least I hope I’m not.

It only happens sporadically and not every time on every blog site. In case it happens I try now to ‘copy’ my comment before pressing Comment…. then if I get that message all I have to do is go back and ‘paste’ it again instead of trying to remember what I said and typing it all over again. The problem is that I don’t always remember to do so. And then it is frustrating to do it all over again…

Why is it that it’s usually the long comments that I forget?

When this first happened I went to WordPress Support but I never received a reply and so have just put up with it.. But I was curious if this is happening to others.

I would imagine that some followers don’t bother trying the second time to leave a comment..

Just ‘curious’ !!!!

20 thoughts on “Anyone Else ?

  1. Yes, I am still having this problem, and it is indeed a real pain and sometimes I forget to copy my comment and then don’t comment at all. It’s unfortunate, because you know many comments that people would like to make don’t end up being posted.

    I still cannot “like” someone from their page, only from my reader page. So I switch to their page to finish reading the post, then have to go back to my reader page to hit Like. What gives WP?


  2. I use my iPhone WordPress app only so if it does give me an error message, I luckily never lose the comment.

    But that sounds annoying! When I have used the WordPress website on my laptop, it has been a bit ‘iffy’.

    Hope it sorts out soon!


  3. Now you know why i have been so frustrated, They have removed all the likes in my word press,com which had nothing to do with my word They told me they are taking over, I have to pay money to be liked. It has been going on for months now. Rember last week you were asking me what happened to my blog comments . They have changed the comment box. I cannot even see who liked my post or not. it is frustrating . And no body know why I have been so sad, It seem that there is a power struggle now. Just saying.. If this comment is too revealing, please remove it. But something strange is going on here now.


    • I knew that blogs that were self-hosted could not be ‘liked’ …that is the .org blogs. Because you posted on .org and then reblogged it on .com …that is the reason there is no ‘like’ button… I did I think point this out…when I noticed no ‘like’… It’s one of the negatives in the .org sites…. Maybe what you should do is… instead of re-blogging it from .org to .com.. You should simeply copy and paste it into a post in the .com site… Then your like button would still be there… just a suggestion… Diane


  4. I get that often when I use a certain kind of computer. It is frustrating. Sometimes, I try again but at others, I just leave the post aside with the intention of going back to it at a later time. Often, I am able to return, but there are times when I completely forget to do so.


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