A Charming Young Lady

Rylee and Great Nanny copyI have not been very active for the past while with posting or reading other’s blogs. I have tried to keep up a little but will likely not catch up with older posts.

Great Nanny and Rylee copyOne of those reasons is that we had company for the past several days with the visit from our granddaughter,  and great-granddaughter who is 4 years old. It is such a delightful age to be around. She (R) was as most her age I would imagine so full of vim, vigor and vitality.  I had paid a visit to our local dollar store and our ever-present Wal-Mart before she came to stock up on coloring books, reading books, doodle and activity books. I put them in my laundry basket as storage is at a minimum and had them waiting for her when she came.

She asked me to color with her and even though we didn’t use the same book, it seemed important that she not have to do so by herself and then we would use the activity books. She

Granddaughter 'N' and Me

Granddaughter ‘N’ and Me

did have some favorite programs that she liked to watch on the family channel, and so would sit for a while doing that.

One day we took her to the African Lion Safari and for those not living where I do, that is a huge park where you drive through and see many animals from Africa.  It also has a wonderful water park with slides and splash pads for children as well as various other things like ‘air-brush tattoos’. There is a pretty tattoo on R’s arm of two cherries… because after all she likes cherries!

One day we just went shopping for some new school clothes, and another we visited the Butterfly Conservatory. I just had to buy a

R's  side of the house  that she painted

R’s side of the house that she painted

house for butterflies of course, and we spent some time painting it later that day.

Today we took them home and while she was her ‘shy’ little self when we picked them up, she had a great big hug for us before we left.

Their visit was wonderful and a welcome distraction from all the drama in my life recently.  And while the situation that is very troubling remains unchanged, at least there was a little respite for ‘just a little while’……

'R' walking our little dog Koko

‘R’ walking our little dog Koko

27 thoughts on “A Charming Young Lady

  1. You deserve it. That’s what it’s all about. We have to focus on these moments and remember them.

    I’m sitting now next to my 1 1/2 year old niece watching a kids DVD on my laptop. OK, the DVD is even a bit irritating (!) but my niece is so cute trying to sing along and smiling. Cutie.

    Feel good Diane xx


  2. Your great grandchild is adorable. It is wonderful to see you smiling and happy. I hope you keep the smile even when the rough patch comes again. Those things are really inevitable, such is life. By the way, your last photo, from an artistic viewpoint (of course, I may be presuming to have some here) is fantastic. 🙂


    • Thanks Imelda.. it would be hard not to smile when you are spending time with a 4 year old… The pain is still with me but I am coping as well as I can… That last picture I thought was adorable also… Diane


  3. This made my morning – thank you so much for sharing your cherished memories with us. What a sweet little girl – and that last photo of her caught my eye, it’s something I’d paint in more confident times – a beautiful shot. Enjoy your time with her – it’s precious.
    Please don’t feel pressured to ‘catch up’ – nobody expects you to.
    Love and hugs xxx


    • Hi… It was so good to spend some time with her and my granddaughter on a more individual basis … and that last picture was my favourite too… As far as catching up it’s just so hard right now as I am still having sleep problems…still in lazy boy .. I have an appointment Sept. 3 to see if something can be done so I can lay down and sleep normally in bed once again… I just can’t concentrate or even focus sometimes… I nod off sitting in my chair.. ‘here’s hoping’ Diane


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