Can’t Catch Up

I have been away for a week as those who follow me on a regular basis know and when I came back I had about 350 emails waiting and blogs to look at.

I started to read ones from a week ago and then hopefully get to current ones, but I have found that my concentration and energy level has kept me from keeping up. As some of you might remember I have been fighting ‘sleep deprivation’ for some months now. I have had to sleep in the lazy boy as I can’t lay down…. my nose blocks up and I can’t breathe and can’t use my CPAP. I finally got a specialist appointment for September 3rd but it seems so far away.

There is also still the ongoing ‘personal’ issue that is an added stress and does take its’ toll as well.

I mention this only to say that I’m going to have to forego reading the older posts, and start from current, and so I may miss something that is important but hope not.  Please ‘update me’ if I miss something special….

I so want to start writing more positive things than I have lately……

39 thoughts on “Can’t Catch Up

  1. The posts you missed aren’t going anywhere most likely.. my experience with getting behind is never catching up unless you jump back in and once you are back into your groove.. then go and read an extra here or there when you want to. Dont beat yourself up..about the shoulds…its is only a constant cycle.. celebrate what you do.. happy to see you 🙂


    • Thanks Lizzie.. I know I’m not the only one that ever faces this …it’s just right now it’s so hard to think clearly… This past couple of months have been some of the most stressful in my life….even taking into account the years spent in and out of depression… Diane


      • I can understand ..I think once you get to see the sleep specialist and can get some decent sleep…things will be better. Amaxing how it will put the world wonky.. I’m thinking about you and also wanted to thank you for your support and friendship even while havi g so much of your own stress.. it was comforting to know your door was too is mine to you..and I just wanted to acknowledge your offer.. its been a craxzy summer…thank you and I am here if you need an ear..a laugh.. whatever..please know I am grateful for you. ❤


  2. Just pick up from today. No need to go back in time for anything. I agree though, about writing more upbeat posts, I’m trying to do that too. It’s a hard thing to be upbeat and positive when you suffer from depression.

    Sending you thoughts of healing, peace and much happiness.


      • That same blogger mentioned one other thing: feelings are liars. They do not control us as we think they do. What do you do instead of being sad or angry? You do…something, anything. You can do anything. You are capable of doing anything. So to a certain degree, ignore those feelings. A feeling comes along, just note it’s presence, then move on to something else.

        That’s how I am starting to see things. It’s getting easier.


        • I noticed that today that’s what was happening, but then in my moments especially at night when there is ‘quiet’ is when the thoughts roll around in my mind… I hope it gets easier… for you and for me…Diane


  3. I was looking at it this way. You are doing well for your age. I hope you look at it as a thing of joy. Work at your own pace and people will understand. say what you are feeling at the moment and not worry about how positively correct it may be. After all you just came back. .


  4. God bless you – concerned for us – I agree that you take care of yourself and do what you are able. You have our prayers and support. I hope all goes well with your dr appt. My husband suffered like you did most nights and could not use his cpap..his nose was always blocked up.


  5. all is good … breath deep and just read all the blogs that are new … don’t go back in time unless you really want to … and hope taht your sleep will find you soon


  6. Take care of yourself, Diane. I’ll be here when you feel better. Just held my new twin grandsons for the first time. For hours. I wanted to hold them all night, but they needed to be fed by their mommy. I get to do it again tomorrow.


  7. So sorry to hear your situation dear and I will include you in my prayer list.
    Good to hear from you again and may the good Lord gives you the strength, healing and solution for your situation.


  8. Oh, dear one I am so sorry.
    Somehow I didn’t know you also have apnea. I slept-sort of- with a bi/pap for 5 yrs then I just couldn’t do it anymore
    My sleep dr introduced me to a Sleep Solutions Dentist. He made a dental appliance for me that’s kind of like a double retainer. I have had it for 2 yrs and it has changed my life back to normal With the bi/pap I still had 12-15 episodes an hr sometimes as long as a minute. With the dental appliance I only have 6!! It’s like not having apnea.
    Do you want me to find out if he knows of any dentists like this in Canada?


    • I do okay with the cpap when I can use it again… Wally and I both have apnea.. . but thanks Cindy…I so hope it will only be a little while till the problem is fixed…once and for all …. Diane xo


    • I took a look on Google re the Sleep Solutions…and there was some info on the issue that I have right now also…so I will keep it in mind when I go to see the specialist… thanks again….Diane


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