A Week to Remember

So after leaving on the 22nd of July until yesterday, the 29th it has been truly a week to remember!

It was a 5 hour flight that would take my husband ‘W’ and I to Aruba to celebrate 50 years of marriage. This was a trip that had been planned for some time and the memories will last for a lifetime. From the time we landed we were in a state of ‘awe’. The weather was so wonderful at between 85 and 90 each day, and not a drop of rain. The view of the Sea and the landscape and grounds was overwhelmingly beautiful. Sometimes we would just sit and take it all in. The hotel we stayed was beyond what we have ever stayed at, but this was a special occasion. It helped that we went in the ‘off season’ because the rates were considerably less. It was an all-inclusive holiday so we had no cost other than spending money. We did make an exception and did give a token gift to some of the workers that we met on a daily basis such as the housekeeping lady who was in her 60’s and worked 6 days a week.

To recap just a bit, at the airport somehow we got into the wrong line and went to go to the back of the right one but a gentleman told us to go ahead of him and we accepted with thanks as my legs are weak when I have to stand for a long time due to the M.S.  He was one of 8 people in their family who were also going to the same hotel as we were.  We mentioned while we were in line that we were celebrating our 50th anniversary and he asked what we learned after that time. I think I said something along the lines of love of course, but then communication, patience and forgiveness. We saw them at the hotel several times and chatted, and they were gracious in joining us for dinner on our anniversary. They also took some pictures and we exchanged email addresses to keep in touch and for them to send us the photos that they took. They were very special people and we were so blessed to have met them.

The week went by quickly of course, but by the end of it we were ready to go home.  We arrived home and were picked up by our oldest son at the airport and went for supper and then to our home.

After any vacation it is evident that ‘reality’ must be faced, and for me that is something that I have some challenges with. The joy of the time away is then mixed with the situation that is still ongoing and for which is very troubling, but I shall strive to retain a balance and not lose sight of the blessings that I have in my life.

I’m going to give you a glimpse into our time away with a few photos. Thanks to so many who have been and continue to be an encouragement and support for me.

Oh, and I have a lot of catching up to do …at least as much as possible as there’s about 300 plus notifications awaiting me….

Wally by pool two View of pool Wally in room Diane on couch Wally on beach two Wally on cruise Wally and I on cruise...hair terrible Sunset Diane and sunset three Picture of boats and sea Diane on balcony  good Diane by giant cactus two Wally and diane on patio near restaurant  good picture Diane on anniversary in room Anniversary dinner with friends Cloud formation

16 thoughts on “A Week to Remember

  1. Many belated congratulations to you and your husband. May you have many more years together in health and happiness. X


      • Thanks. You are more than welcome. Now I’m just hanging out on the sofa feeling rubbish with my step-mum. Unfortunately family can only do so much 😦
        Just want to feel better. 😦
        Much love to you too x


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