A Worthy Project

I was sitting here just taking one last look at recent posts and comments, before getting busy with the packing as we leave tomorrow morning at 6 am for our trip. When I was reviewing these I was checking to see about the status of a fellow blogger with his project to write and bring into the hands of children the first book of hopefully a series to follow.

These books are unique I believe as they are geared towards teaching children on positive characteristics of life such a kindness, compassion etc. and the characters and writing are such that I know children would love the stories. The author and fellow blogger is trying to raise enough to cover the first of these books. He is without doubt and I don’t mean to embarrass him, but he is the epitome of what he believes our children of today need to hear. His primary blog is http://russtowne.com/about/ but then he has a blog related to his new endeavor http://clydeandfriends.com/ . I think if you read any of his blogs you will determine for yourself his character and intention.

It has been laid on my heart to assist him if at all possible in his quest. He needs to raise $2,750 in pledges by the end of this month to achieve his goal. If he doesn’t he will simply not go ahead… in fact cannot go ahead. I think this would be such a shame. You can read the details athttp://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1870493880/russ-townes-childrens-books-clyde-and-i-and-or-rus?ref=category

I would like to encourage anyone who believes in the value of teaching our children the good and positive things in life to consider if possible helping Russ in this challenge.

So please, read up on him if you feel led and most especially whether you could consider financially contributing to this most worthy project. If you make a pledge and yet he doesn’t receive enough by the end of the month, your gift will of course not be processed.

As I said, I really feel this is a most worthy and wonderful project from a most ‘trustworthy’ man.

Note: he has not asked me or anyone to promote this work and does not ‘push’ at all; I just wanted to do this for him…  

11 thoughts on “A Worthy Project

  1. Hi Diane. I’m just dropping by – we came back from the train excursion. I have not read anything yet but I want to let you know that I have not completely disappeared from reading friends’ blogs yet. 🙂


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