Very Short

My last blog was a post about a wonderful trip for our 5oth anniversary. We will leave Monday.

I am sorry to post this but so need to.

You wonderful people are my confidants, encouragers, and many are prayer warriors. I am heart-broken. I am trying to deny it to myself the depth of it,  and hide it from those around me. I had a very troubling letter to today and it has just drained me totally. I’m at a loss what to do.

I will pray but I’m not even sure what to pray. I would suppose since everything seems so ‘unfixable’ I will pray for peace and that somehow and some way along the line….who knows how long….. that hearts that have been hardened will be touched and softened. And that forgiveness and understanding will take place in the hearts of those who need it.

I will dry my tears tonight I hope and try to put up a brave face and maybe if I try hard enough I will put this heartache aside and enjoy my week away and perhaps come back with a much different outlook or at least settle in to acceptance.

For any led to pray I would really appreciate it….  I feel led to apologize and yet I do know that I don’t need to…

36 thoughts on “Very Short

  1. Diane, I’m so sorry that you that you are heartbroken. Whenever I have a serious problem that is really troubling to me I say, “I cast the burden of ______ to the Christ within and I go free.” Every time my mind wanders to the problem I say that to myself. It has helped me so much over the years. I hope it will help you too, Diane.


  2. As this is my first visit (via Lori Lara’s site) I’m new to your blog.
    This post touched my heart just the same because I understand the power a letter can have.
    I hope you can enjoy your trip away, knowing the Lord can bring healing to any situation -if those involved choose to step up.


  3. My heartfelt prayers go out for you, Diane – and I’m so sorry to hear you in such pain. I wish peace and healing for you, acceptance of what the situation is, comfort, protection. You are cherished by many of us and I know I’m not alone in praying for you. Love Fiona xoxox


  4. The only words of encouragement I have for you is that I will indeed pray. I found out first hand the importance of having others pray for us, so may God fill you with His peace and place a covering of protection over you from the affects of that letter. In Christian Love ~ Patty


  5. words that can inspire, make us feel loved, emit truths can also hurt and when they are written down they have a special way of stabbing us–I hope that your week away will give you time to recover–know that your friends are thinking of you……….


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