Daily Prompt : Far From Home

Prompt: Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home

I saw this prompt and thought about the farthest I’ve traveled but decided since I haven’t been very far, to write about where we ‘will be’ traveling to a week from today.

Riu Palace

Riu Palace

Because of what happened the end of May I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go but my doctor assures me it will be okay. My ribs which were fractured are much better and it is only if I sneeze, cough or reach too much that I have any discomfort.  While I still have the sleep or should I say lack of sleep issue, I decided I can have it in Aruba just as well as here.

We plan on just soaking in the beauty of the ocean and the amenities at the resort we will be staying. It is all-inclusive and we have a lovely ocean view suite. There are two large pools, and several restaurants to choose from if we want to have a specialty dinner. We plan on the evening of our anniversary the 27th,  on going to the steak house. I should interject here that while no marriage of 50 years could be problem free, when we married …me at 18 years of age ‘W’ at 21 we did intend it to be for life, and by the grace of God and a commitment to each other we have weathered the storms and look forward to as many more years together that He gives us.

I am so looking forward to sitting by the ocean and just soaking the relaxation into my very being. There has been so much stress over the past little while that it will be good to just get away and perhaps get a new and different outlook on everything.

Some wondered why we would go to such a ‘hot’ climate during the summer, and I just say that it is the place I want to be and as long as there is a pool, air conditioning and an ocean I will make sure to stay ‘cool’.  I also wanted to be there on our actual ‘special day’.

This is the farthest and extravagant vacation that we have taken, but we likely won’t ever do much traveling in the future as we are getting older and funds of course are limited.

I would suppose that I won’t likely be on the computer next week unless I touch base and use the hotel’s computer, just to let you know how we’re doing.

We are really looking forward to all that awaits us and trust that we will come back refreshed and renewed.

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Far From Home

  1. Diane you know that I am your number 1 fan, I have my own emotion going on.now But I pray that the next time we read from each other. It will be a happy happy words to share. I promise you that .I really appreciate all your patient and kindness towards everything around you, I hope you enjoy it, and I will continue to pray for you.


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