Daily Prompt – Your Life, The Book

Prompt: From a famous writer or celebrity, to a WordPress.com blogger or someone close to you — who would you like to be your biographer?

I’m reading this quite late and really thought about this question. I considered my sister who knows me well, and I thought about my children as well but realized they didn’t know everything about me. They know a large part of just who I am but either lacking some of my beginnings and also part of my latter years.

If I could write my HeartI also thought of the many wonderful people that I have met here blogging and the many talents that are evident. One specific person came to and stayed in my mind as the one I would likely want to be my biographer. She has a blog called ‘Behind the Mask of Abuse’ and has written a book of Poetry called If I Could Write My Heart  and also her story of abuse growing up and years after, called ‘Buckwheatsrisk  A Story of Abuse, Survival and Recovery’. However, she is a woman who is in the process of healing and one of ‘hope’,Buckwheatsrisk Book and it is evident in what she writes as she tries to help others. If you want to read about her struggles but also her inspirational story of recovery, you should visit her blog and also consider her books. In case you haven’t yet guessed, I think she’s very special.

The reason that I would want her in particular to write my biography is that during the time we have known each other, we have become close friends. I am old enough that I could be her mother and yet she accepts me just as ‘me’ without taking our ages into consideration. We have even spoken on the phone on occasion and exchanged many emails.

‘Zoe G’ as is her pen name, has read many of my blogs and has a clear understanding of my upbringing as a child and the insecurities that I encountered. But more than that, she knows where I’m coming from here in the present, and has encouraged and helped me on many occasions as I struggled with some situations in my life. Sometimes I just needed to ‘vent’ and she would listen with kindness and support.

She is a wonderful writer as well, and so would be able to do justice I believe to the important areas and people in my life that I love and cherish. She also is a Christian and understands the importance that my faith has in my life.

And so if anyone were to write the story of my life, she would be my choice.

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Your Life, The Book

  1. You are lucky to know her:)
    I had began writing my own life story in my blog and cried many times as I wrote.I believe that it will be good for us to be realesed from the past and to share how God transformed us from what we where. Hope to read yours.


    • In reality there won’t be any biography written… I wrote some things about my earlier life growing up and as a woman raising a family and having depression… when I first started blogging November 2011 for some childhood issues… but you’re right sometimes the past does hold onto us … even if only in the recesses of our minds… Thanks for reading Joy… Diane


  2. Diane, i thank you for your all your passion. There is nothing like someone who understand someone to even write about her. keep your joy and God will bless you.


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