Daily Prompt: A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma

Prompt: Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.

Most people don’t know that I would love to have been a dancer.

When I was young I used to watch American Bandstand and while doing so I used to teach myself how to dance by using a door knob or the arch of the doorway! Okay, so you’re likely now trying to picture this in your mind; but they were my partners.

I would watch the dancers on the show and then I would try to do the same but of course I didn’t have a ‘live’ person to dance with.

When I met my husband we would go to dances and at first I was so shy and embarrassed to try because after all I was used to doing so with an inanimate object. But after some coaxing from him, and the realization that there were others that would be more than willing to do so, I began.  That was the beginning of my fantasy that maybe some day I would have a career in this field. Of course it was just that  ‘a fantasy’ but I really kept secretly hoping for the reality.

When I was a young married mother of two children and attending a church, they decided to hold a ‘variety’ show and needed someone to dance. If you had known me especially back then, you would know that I was a shy person, and actually I still am somewhat so inclined.  The thought of actually participating in the show was at first out of the question. However, with some  a lot of encouragement I hesitantly accepted and then I wondered what on earth I would do and what I would wear.

I decided one of the two dances that I would do, would  be my favorite one of all; the Charleston. I had a pink dress with fringes on it that I had worn as a costume. The second dance was a modern day dance, that at the time was in the early 1970’s and for that I actually wore a pant suit.

When the night came to perform, I was a nervous wreck but when it actually became time to do it I was very surprised that my fear diminished and it went very well, although the two minutes seemed like two hours.

That was my ‘career’ in the world of entertainment and dancing and it was enough for me, and something very few people know. I must tell my grandchildren some day though as I’d love to see their reaction!


25 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma

  1. Hey, that was nice! Thanks for sharing.
    You know, one of my friends who was encouraging me and other friends to dance advised us to practice dance moves with the door knob. One good thing about that is that the knob would not complain. I enjoyed thoroughly my limited time on stage although, as you have said, that was nerve wracking. 🙂


  2. Nice reading your dance career:) I dont know how to dance at all, but I dance zumba training with others, been to line dance and sitting dance course for the elderly.
    But no swing, tango or the likes:)


    • Well at this point in my life I pretty well ‘slow dance’ re having m.s. I’m not severely debilitated but strength and legs don’t work as well… You dance line dancing and zumba …that’s dancing ! Diane


  3. God gave you a chance to live your dream! He’s such a good God! Maybe you’d like to reenact these and upload it from a video? Have a great day! Sandy


  4. What a charming story! It’s so funny because I always had a secret ambition to be a dancer too! I used to dance around the house alot when I was by myself, but I never once thought of dancing with inanimate objects! Gosh I wish I would have tho! 😀


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