Trifecta – The Sum Total

Challenge: To use the word ‘crude’ in a post between 33-333 words with the 3rd definition

3: marked by the primitive, gross, or elemental or by uncultivated simplicity or vulgarity <a
crude stereotype>

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Growing up I was raised with certain criteria for how to act, speak and even react. My mother raised ten children and instilled in all that there is a certain behavior to be adhered to and also one to be rejected.

She had the equivalent of grade 12, but what she taught us went far beyond an education. There was instruction on being polite and respectful of others and there was also teaching of what was acceptable language to use and also what was not. There was not many times when she had to reprimand me because I mirrored my actions on hers’.

While she was not a ‘saint’ in the strict sense of the word and may occasionally slipped and used a swear word, she never used any word that could be considered crude. Somehow she also seemed to help us understand that in life and the many people that we would encounter, there would be those times when someone may tell a joke that was inappropriate, and how we should handle it.

If there was not an opportunity to excuse ourselves when the occasion arose, simply put we would just not react at all. It would be of no value to admonish the person and draw attention to their attempt at humor with content that was ‘crude’ in content, but it was an issue that would be taken into account when considering if we wished to continue a friendship with that person in the future.

I believe we are the sum total of our actions and words, and so should be aware of anything we might say that would offend another and therefore watch carefully what we do and what we speak.

28 thoughts on “Trifecta – The Sum Total

  1. Really, it takes so little to be thoughtful and considerate in both our actions and our words–but you’d never guess that from all the evidence to the contrary. Nicely put.


  2. I love your stories about your mom. What a great lady she was. I really liked this because it emphasizes how important what we say is and how powerful words can be, both good ones and crude ones. 😀


  3. Your mother is inspiring and admirable. Must be fun with so many brothers and sister. Nice to know a little bit of your story.
    Wonderful post.


      • therapy or dentist? therapy was painful, dentist is tomorrow…it’s simply so i can get antibiotics…i haven’t been in 30 days so they can’t legally prescribe them for me without “seeing” me, so I won’t be surprised, if the dentist is in and out in seconds..


        • It’s been awhile for the therapy… The last time you didn’t have ‘intensive’ but today you likely did… Hope you are beginning to feel somewhat better???

          And the antibiotics… is that really all they feel is necessary …not any adjustment or anything.. I know you likely don’t want it but hoping the meds do the trick… Diane


          • I was at therapy two weeks ago, today was my last day for a while, we didn’t do intensive work but some painful stuff did come up that surprised me, and being it’s my last for a while I couldn’t work on it It was also towards the end of the session, so i basically had to ground which took awhile and go.


              • well moderately i could continue, but i want to save a little so i don’t have to start and stop, i’m kind of waiting to see if i win my appeal. stuff is hanging but i’ll exercise it out of my mind tomorrow…lol and blog it

                how are you?


          • Oh and the dentist…he’s already checked this issue two other times, full mouth scan and everything to find nothing last time he blamed it on my flossing which i know isn’t the case. i’ve been flossing, doing salt rinses, and peroxide rinses, and using clove oil…i’ve only had this pain since he did the root canal not before so since he says the root canal is fine itself, i don’t know what else he can do?


            • I’ve had root canals but a long time ago…and don’t remember having this much trouble… The nerve is dead when they do that I believe so I wonder where the pain is coming from…? Weird Diane


              • yes apparently root canals are not good things to have at all. i’ve had trouble with most of mine. i think it the gum but the root canal is somehow affecting the gum and causing it to swell bad and hurt bad


  4. The notion that it is a parent’s responsibility to set the standards for their children to follow should not be news but, sadly today, it often turns out to be. Traits such as respect for others, good manners, discretion, etc., all should form the foundation of good family life. Thank you for the timely reminder and congratulations on being raised the way that you were. 🙂


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