A Person’s Worth

How does one determine a person’s worth

In your eyes are they worthy

To be loved, to be forgiven

Do you hold on to deeds done in error

Or do you see the goodness in their life

Is a person’s worth determined

In a single act that was perhaps wrong

Or do you see the person in their totality

Do you see beyond the present hurt

Do you forgive and move on

Unforgiveness only produces

More hurt and sadness for all

Only you can decide

19 thoughts on “A Person’s Worth

  1. Thank you Lou Ann because your sentiments express so well how I believe also and can only hope those who need to understand this…do I shared this on facebook hoping they will see and understand… I so need them to… Diane


  2. A person’s worth should never be based on acts that are done in error especially if those acts are not meant to hurt anyone–I agree with Fiona that kindness and caring empathy are the important traits–is there not a bible story that tells those who have never done anything wrong to throw the first rock at someone they deem a sinner–and no one throws a rock–for we all do things that are ill-conceived.
    A very thoughtful poem that I hope illuminates forgiveness


  3. We all make mistakes, some of us more than others, if people forsook me because of mine, I’d have nobody now.
    Personally if someone has a good heart, a core of kindness, wanting to do right by people, caring, empathy etc – I think that’s very important.


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